2020 Challenge Updates

New Release Challenge 2020 - (un)Conventional Bookworms

2020 Challenge Updates

2020 Challenge Updates is a single page that updates automatically for all our new challenges. This makes it easier for us to make sure our challenges get updated. And it also makes it fairly easy to find everything we need if we want to sign up for a new challenge during the year.

New Release Challenge 2020 - (un)Conventional Bookworms

We’re starting with our own challenge, the 2020 New Release Challenge. As usual, we’re going for the pro level, but we both have a little problem writing reviews for all the books we actually read. Yeah, we’re lazy blogger-wives like that 😉

2020 New Release Challenge books read:

  1. Code Name: Heist by Sawyer Bennett
  2. Heartland by Sarina Bowen

COYER is another challenge we participate in every year! It’s a bi-annual challenge, the winter challenge starts on December 1st 2019, and the last day is March 7th 2020. This time around there’s a little twist, as we can get extra points for buddy-reading. Or for reading books on the TBR shelves of two beloved bloggers who passed away in 2019.

COYER Winter Challenge books read:

  1. Next Year in Havana by Chanel Cleeton
  2. Code Name: Heist by Sawyer Bennett
  3. A Lie for a Lie by Helena Hunting
  4. Heartland by Sarina Bowen


Unearthing a Bookish Bounty:

We physical books to keep me reading for quite a long while.  😉 These are the rules governing our Unearthing a Bookish Bounty challenge.

  • We WILL READ books we already own!
  • We will not accept ARCs unless they’re from our lists of ARC Team authors
  • When reading books from a series where we don’t own all the books, there’s no buying the next book unless we’re going to read it immediately.
  • Any books we purchase must be done with a gift card. The only exceptions for Brandee are: 1) audiobooks since I have an Audible subscription, and 2) any book required for book club that I don’t already own and can’t procure any other way.
  • Linda has an exception for audibooks as well, as she, too has an Audible subscription.Plus, she also has a The BookwormBox subscription for e-books.

None yet!