2023 New Release Challenge Review link-ups

Posted 8 January, 2023 by Linda @ (un)Conventional Bookworms in Reviews / 15 Comments

2023 New Release Challenge Review Link-Ups

Hello everyone, here’s where you can share links to your 2023 New Release Challenge reviews. I will put up a new link-up each quarter, and the newest quarter will be on top of the post to make it easier to find. Each review link-up will be open from the first day of the quarter until the 10th of the month following the end of the quarter.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to let me know – and if you want to share the love, use #2023NewReleaseChallenge on twitter.

We hope you’ll have have fun participating in the challenge this year, and that we’ll all find new books to read thanks to the reviews that will be linked here. Good luck to you all 🙂

2023 New Release Challenge Review Link-ups Q1:

I look forward to seeing all your reviews!

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15 responses to “2023 New Release Challenge Review link-ups

  1. GW

    Hi i just signed up. I’ve been waiting on this reading challenge. It’s quite different from what I thought. I can never catch anyone on the fb. Is this is a better way to communicate with people? Anyway other challenges have prompts..except for like the alphabet challenge. With this challenge, are we choosing new releases each month, each week? No categories..

    • The only thing to do in this challenge is to read books released in 2023 during the year 2023… No prompts or other specific things to do. If you need other types of challenges, there are loads out there, and I’m sure you’ll be able to find something that is 100% your fancy 🙂

      • GW

        No trust I have tons of other challenges I’m in. This was the last one I was waiting for. I was just clarifying how to do it. I make templates for my challenges. I wanted to be sure I understood it correctly, so I know how to make the template. Ty.😁

  2. Hi Lexxi,
    I accidentally forgot to include the book title in link #231 when I linked my review. Can you still add that? Or do you delete the existing link and I’ll recreate it?

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