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*I received a free copy of Passions of a Papillon from Selfpublished via Author. This has in no way influenced my voluntary review, which is honest and unbiased *

Review ~ Passions of a Papillon ~ Tara Lain #NR2020 @taralainPassions of a Papillon by Tara Lain
Series: A Fuzzy Love Romance
Published by Selfpublished on January 23, 2020
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, LGBT, Romance, Suspense
Pages: 210
Format: eARC
Source: Author
4.5 Stars

After you’ve sold your soul to the devil, can you renegotiate with a dog?

Brilliant defense attorney, Finn Morgenstern, knows the worst guys pay best, so defending slimeball, Rance Franklin, becomes his path to senior partner and a whole lot of benefits. But then a walk home to his pricey townhouse brings him face-to-ears with a batshit-crazy little dog who just won’t leave him alone. So Finn takes the dog to the local veterinarian to find out how to get her back to her owners. Hello vet! Emerson “Em” Fairweather sure doesn’t match his stodgy name. Tall, platinum blond, and gorgeous, Em puts the pet in pet ownership. But Em has ugly secrets and Batshit dog is up to her ears in larceny. Suddenly Finn is the one who needs defending, and he’s faced with a choice between what he thought was important and a whole new batshit-crazy life.

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I adored Passions of a Papillon ! It has great characters, character growth, romance, suspense, AND it made me want a dog! A papillon specifically. 😉

I was immediately drawn into the story in large part because of a little ball of fluff. When Finn finds her – or maybe it was the other way around? – I knew Batshit was going to win over this non-dog-lover. Once Finn and Batshit meet Emerson, the vet, I knew this trio was fated. However, they had a few obstacles to negotiate before they could have their HEA.


  • Characters
    TLain proved yet again her talent at creating characters that are engaging and fully realized. Finn is a defense attorney and works hard at defending scum in order to provide a better life for himself and his parents. He has good intentions even if his method might be tarnished. Emerson is such and kind and compassionate man giving both animals and their owners tender loving care. But he’s been hiding a secret, out of fear, that has possibly hurt others. And then there’s Batshit who almost stole the show! Her mannerisms, intellect, and personality has me dreaming of a little princess prancing around my house. 😉
  • Character Growth
    Growth in a character, specifically emotional growth, is an element I highly admire in my reading. I appreciated how Finn and Emerson were inspired by their feelings for one another to re-evaluate how they were living and whether or not they wanted to make changes. Of course, a plucky little pooch did her part as well. 🙂
  • Suspense
    I liked how TLain tied together Emerson’s past with Finn’s present to create tension and suspense. This story is suspense-lite but I was still guessing (incorrectly) at the end.

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10 responses to “Review ~ Passions of a Papillon ~ Tara Lain #NR2020 @taralain

  1. This sounds like a great story, and all of the elements you touched on, such as engaging characters, and emotional growth are things I enjoy in a story as well. The dog on the cover is adorable, and looks a lot like a Pomeranian I use to have in high school. Great Review Brandee 🙂

  2. Olivia-Savannah

    I am not a huge fan of animals featuring heavily in books but I have to admit, the inclusion of Finn made me smile 😀 And I am glad you could enjoy the characters in this one so much as well ^.^

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