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Warning: This book includes mature content such as: sexual content, and/or drug and/or alcohol use, and/or violence.
Blogger Wife Chat Review ~ Dumb F*ck ~ T. TorrestDumb F*ck by T. Torrest
Series: Strip Mall Series #2
Published by Selfpublished on May 26, 2023
Genres: Adult, BDSM, Comedy, Contemporary, Erotica, Romance
Pages: 240
Format: Kindle
Source: Author, Kindle Purchase
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4 Stars

Fresh out of college, the beautiful but clumsy valedictorian of American University is ready to step out from under her famous father's shadow and take on the world. Little does she know, the big city holds more adventure than she bargained for. What's a girl supposed to do when her heart is torn between two completely different men?

The New York City billionaire is astrology's most infamous bad boy. He's smart, he's polished, and he's only got two things on his mind at any given work and sex. When beautiful virgin Sage walks in for a job interview, Zeus realizes she may have just provided him a way to combine the best of both worlds. Oh, and also he's really into BDSM.

An Olympic athlete with a heart of gold. Not too much character development to report, here. Basically, he's hot and stupid and he has a big dick that he wants to use on Sage, but he likes her enough to want to take the relationship slow. But like, not for the whole book or anything, so it's all good.

Contains a love triangle, misrepresented BDSM, mistaken identity, a secret twin, hospital visits, a kidnapping, a murder, a dinosaur, amnesia, lots and lots of gratuitous sex, unfathomable stupidity, blatant plot holes, overused tropes, clichéd characters, excessive adverbs, and repeated use of the word "moist." Consider yourself warned.

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Good golly but Dumb F*ck was all kinds of fun! With 90’s references, Scooby-Doo vibes, and equal parts silly and HOT, Dumb F*ck delivered everything I expect from T. Torrest. Well, everything except the serious. T. Torrest dubbed this an eroticomedy and I like that description. Dumb F*ck is the perfect way to kick off your summer reading!

I laughed my head off so many times! It did take me a while to read, but that’s mostly because I was not motivated to read at all for a while. So busy with work, exams, year-end reports and everything else. Eroticomedy is the perfect word for Dumb F*ck, though.

Sage was an interesting bird. She was super smart (valedictorian) and something of an astrology savant. I admit to thinking for at least half the book she was an astronomer. LOL And it seems that all the stars have aligned for her. She scored a new job and not one, but TWO HOT GUYS! I quite enjoyed all the shenanigans she got into. What was your opinion of Sage?

LOL, astronomer – I’m not sure I think Sage was as smart as she tried to get us to believe… I think she also kind of thought she was an astronomer for part of the book. And she never did mention what school she went to, right? I laughed so hard at her inner dialogs, it was the virgin romance heroine taken to the nth degree 😀

Zeus was fun. Intense but fun. I adored his lines about romance book billionaires and the way he was immediately taken with Sage. Oh, and his intimidation tactics – black armoire? 😉 He was smart (owner of a successful company), and successful (billionaire). He was also HOT. And he made me laugh.

He was definitely HOT. And he was fun, too. And very, very inappropriate – which was exactly what he needed to be for this story.

Javelin (Javier) was quite different in temperament to Zeus. He also differed in how he treated Sage. He was equally successful (Olympic curler!) but maybe not as smart. He was just as HOT and he was absolutely smitten with Sage. I guess you could say he was sweet to Zeus’s spicy? I think maybe I preferred him to Zeus but why choose? 😉 How did you feel about Zeus and Javelin?

Oh, Javelin *grins* he was trying to be sweet and respectful, and his eye-color would change to fit his mood (or Torrest’s mood – I think his eyes were described in every possible blue hue there is.) which made me snort more than once. He was definitely sweet to Zeus’ spicy / grumpy. And truly, why choose? I think a romance heroine deserves everything she wants.

The plot was “trite and paper thin” but did have me laughing. Oh, I just realized there was a “poor” victim with regards to Rob. LOL His lunch may not have been as bad as I was thinking. 😉 (You readers will have to check out the book to see what I’m talking about) The plot did facilitate the romance – with a little help from the stars. The romance was fast, fun, and steamy. I’d say totally unrealistic (tongue in cheek) but then I have no clue about planets and moons and houses so maybe I don’t know a think about love when you stars are right. Your thoughts on the plot/romance?

The plot was definitely thin, but I think that is partly what made it so much fun! Did you fill out the words in that one chapter? We should do that and have a chat about it before we share it on FB. I’m not an expert about astrology, so it just may be that all that happened in Dumb F*ck was totally plausible 😉

Okay, as I said before, Dumb F*ck is not serious. NOPE. Not at all. It is a serious bit of hot, silly fun. What Dumb F*ck is is a fluffy, short read that will have you alternately laughing and fanning yourself. It was a quick read that absolutely brightened my mood.


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