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*I received a free copy of The Sins We Hide from Kadelo Group via Author. This has in no way influenced my voluntary review, which is honest and unbiased *

Dual Blogger Review: The Sins We Hide – Scarlett ColeThe Sins We Hide by Scarlett Cole
Published by Kadelo Group on 12 January 2023
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance
Pages: 250
Format: eARC
Source: Author
4 Stars

The boy I once loved is now the fearless Vice President of the Iron Outlaws MC.
And he hates me.
Because of something that happened years ago. It's not my fault his father ended up inside for life because of that night. But that doesn't stop him holding me captive until I tell him what happened. Except I can't. Because not knowing is why I'm back here in this cesspit.

The girl I once loved is now the enemy of my club.
Even though she's also the sister of my best friend and our club's new president.
I don't care that trouble brings her to my door looking for help. She doesn't deserve our protection. Until she tells me a secret that stands everything we know about the club on end.
Sins well hidden killed what chance of happiness we once had. But now, they're going to kill her.

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The Sins We Hide is a gritty MC romance with a young woman going back to her roots, and the boy she used to have a crush on now a cynical VP.

The Sins We Hide follows Gwen and Clutch, and their past is a lot less messy than their present, for sure! Gwen goes back to the past in a way after her mother is killed, and she then finds out that not only is her father dead, too – they were buried on the same day. And most of the people in the club hate not only her mother, but her too.

Gwen definitely has a lot to deal with, and the most difficult parts are the secrets and the lies that are hidden in the past. However, the present isn’t really that much better – with Gwen’s mom having been shot dead, Gwen was shot at the same time, and trying to figure out if something iffy happened with her father. Her twin brother, Uther, the president of the club, is cold towards her, and she feels like a stranger in the place she grew up. The only person who makes her feel kind of at home, and only sometimes, is Clutch.

I enjoyed the mystery in The Sins We Hide, and I also really liked the brotherhood of the members of the club. Of course, the chemistry between Gwen and Clutch worked very well for me, too. Wowza, they were off the charts hot together. And as the story unfolded, and I got to know the characters better, I really felt like the MC was more about family and belonging than anything else.

The Sins We Hide is well written, a rather fast read, with a nice pace. It’s both plot and character driven, which made me a happy reader.




The Sins We Hide was fast-paced and gripping. It was gritty in the ways I expect from an MC themed story and it grabbed me by the throat and pulled me in from page 1.

Gwen and her twin, Uther, grew up with Landon, doing all the things kids do. Yes, they were children of members of an MC, but they went to school together, rode bikes together, played together. There was always something special between Gwen and Landon. Until her mother took her away in the middle of the night without explanation. Gwen never saw her father again. Now Gwen’s back. Having lost her mom, she know learns she’s lost her dad, too, and her brother and Landon are now King and Clutch, President and Vice President of the Iron Outlaws.

Clutch doesn’t want all the feelings that come racing back to the forefront with Gwen’s return. But once details are out in the open, he realizes Gwen might be back to stay and more importantly, she’s in danger. Naturally he goes all out to win the heart of the girl he’s loved since he was a kid as well as doing all in his power to neutralize the threat to her.

While the romance between Gwen and Clutch moved a little quickly in certain phases, I enjoyed watching them get to know one another again. And their chemistry was explosive. I also appreciated getting to meet the brothers of the MC and see the camaraderie and dynamics between members of MC clubs and their families. The mystery and suspense element was also riveting. Honestly, I didn’t guess everything that ended up being behind the trouble following Gwen and King.

I look forward to continuing the series now that I know the club and its members. And since this danger seems extinguished, I’m eager to see what else will befall this chapter of the Iron Outlaws.


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