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*I received a free copy of Creeping Beautiful from Science Future Press via Author. This has in no way influenced my voluntary review, which is honest and unbiased *

Warning: This book includes mature content such as: sexual content, and/or drug and/or alcohol use, and/or violence.
Blogger Wife Chat Review ~ Creeping Beautiful ~ JA HussCreeping Beautiful by J. A. Huss
Series: Creeping Beautiful #1
Published by Science Future Press on February 19, 2020
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Mystery, Romance, Suspense
Pages: 530
Format: eARC
Source: Author
5 Stars


I wasn’t the one who broke her but I played my part.

She came to us when she was ten. I raised her. I loved her. I taught her how to survive in a world of evil men. But it wasn’t enough.


I wasn’t the one who saved her but I did my best.

She needed me as much as I needed her. Bought and paid for on the auction block. But not for the reasons you think. She was my weapon.


I wasn’t the one who lied to her but I hid her truth. She was broken before I got there. Wild and angry. Defiant and bratty. But she trusted me most. She loved me best.

So I set her free.

Indie Anna Accorsi is a woman lost in her past.

A pretty little nightmare.

A gorgeous piece of misery.

A mess of lovely darkness.

She is creeping beautiful.

And now we want her back.

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Creeping Beautiful is Huss at her best!! Mystery wrapped in conspiracy wrapped in romance revolving around unreliable narrators, this was a multi-layered story told from multiple POVs and it was pure greatness. I can’t wait for the next installment!

Oh you rounded that one up real nice, wifey! It was definitely greatness, and I loved how unreliable the narrators were. That just made all the twisty turns even better.


It was rather exciting to immerse myself in the world of The Company again. I wish I had thought to keep a notebook on The Company from the beginning, including all my thoughts and theories on things. But I digress…. Starting off with the auction, we see an entirely new facet of this organization. It helped in explaining some things and added to my confusion in others. How did you feel about the excursion Adam is taken on and all he saw? Were you surprised at who he chose?

That auction was… something. I hated how those girls were treated – and I felt like Adam was manipulated from the beginning. The way they told him that one specific girl wouldn’t work. 


I was immediately smitten with Indie Anna. I admired her pluck. I know she was bred to be a killer but I enjoyed watching her grow up and mature. Huss did an incredible job of developing Indie in a way that I was able to ignore the bad things she did and only see the creeping beautiful in the young girl. She was funny and scary, sweet and brutal…a real paradox! What did you think of Indie Anna?

Yeah, Indie was awesome! I loved how even at such a young age, she was so strong. I was also confused by her, though, with the way she seemed to be able to put the bad things out of her mind rather easily. She added to the creepy and twisty part of the novel flawlessly, and I loved her.


Adam, Donovan, and McKay are the trifecta of hot guys and are interesting characters as well. I still don’t know what I think of Donovan. He says he cares about/loves Indie but he really had ulterior motives where she was concerned. dam is sort of an enigma too although I feel like I know him better than I know Donovan. He had ulterior motives I suppose, at least at first, but I think things changed for him as Indie got older and not just in that way. McKay was the only one who seems not to have motives other than doing his best where Indie is concerned. And it made me love him best. I was fascinated though by Indie’s description of them – how they were pieces of her. She wasn’t complete without them. And then there was Nate. How do you think he really fit into the puzzle?

Donovan is still a mystery to me as well. I think it’s partly because he’s younger than the other guys, but also because he seems to know more about the company than them. I think he still has ulterior motives, and I think they have to do with someone who was once close to him.


I liked the parallels Huss drew between Indie, the guys, and the Garden of Good & Evil. And it makes you think, right? Are good and evil born or created? And are good and evil really so black and white? I’m thinking there will be much more fodder to ponder in this particular area. You?

I think there are many shades of both good and evil, and sometimes, it’s possible to do something that looks kind of good, but the reasons behind can be evil. Just like it’s possible to do something that looks evil, but the reasons for doing it are good. I think the way it made me think even more about not judging others is a good thing.


I appreciated Huss’s use of unreliable narrators. I mean, I knew Indie was unreliable because, well you know. But by the end I was questioning them all. It just added this whole other level. Your opinion?

Ha! I don’t trust any of them. And I’m even questioning the childhood friend! This is the thing I love the most about the company books and the way Huss can write a twisted intriguing plot. Because anything can happen.


It’s hard to have a chat review about a book like this for fear of giving things away. And really, this part of the story is a mass of threads still being spun and woven together. We won’t really know anything until the end. Maybe we should re-read and keep a notebook this time. LOL I am eager to see where all the twists, subterfuge, conspiring, and loving goes. I need these mysteries solved!

LOL, I think if we were any vaguer, we wouldn’t have written anything at all. I think re-reading and noting things is a great idea! Not sure when I’ll have the time, though, because Pretty Nightmare will be released in May. 


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    Wow.. you guys definitely make this book sound fun, interesting and very complex at the same time. I might have to check this one out. 😉

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