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Warning: This book includes mature content such as: sexual content, and/or drug and/or alcohol use, and/or violence.
Bookworm Bites ~ Masters & Mercenaries #1-3 ~ Lexi BlakeMasters & Mercenaries Bundle by Lexi Blake
Published by DLZ Entertainment on December 11, 2015
Genres: Adult, BDSM, Contemporary, Erotica, Romance, Suspense
Pages: 1244
Format: eBook
Source: Kindle Freebie
4 Stars

Welcome to the world of McKay-Taggart Security Services, where spies hide in shadows, danger lurks around every corner, and heroes come with the naughtiest of secrets…

The Dom Who Loved Me

Sean Taggart is hunting a deadly terrorist and his only lead is the lovely Grace Hawthorne. To get to the truth, he is going to have to get very close to Grace, a task he’s all too eager to undertake once he gets a look at her.

The Men with the Golden Cuffs

Adam Miles and Jacob Dean are halves of a whole. They’ve spent their entire adult lives searching for the one woman who can handle them both. When Serena Brooks comes into their lives, they’re certain she’s the one. But when a stalker strikes, will they lose her forever?

A Dom is Forever

The hunt for an international arms dealer leads Liam O’Donnell to London and into the world of Avery Charles. Avery’s never met a man like Liam and quickly falls under his spell. But when Avery’s boss leads the McKay-Taggart team to the traitorous Mr. Black, Liam must put together the pieces of the puzzle of his past or Avery might not have a future…

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The Dom Who Loved Me was a wild ride of an introduction to this series. LBlake deftly set up the cast of characters who inhabit this world while also delivering a fast-paced, suspenseful story and romance.

Grace was a likeable character who essentially lived for her job after having lost her husband. Unfortunately, or fortunately 😉 her boss might be into some shady dealings that require McKay-Taggert investigating. Enter Sean Taggert. While Sean may be undercover, his developing feelings for Grace are not. And there’s no better setup for an explosive romance than danger. Then throw in some BDSM and HOT DAMN! 😀

I really enjoyed Grace and Sean as characters. They both experienced emotional growth over the course of the investigation and the ramifications of what was uncovered. I was impressed with LBlake’s ability to weave together the romantic suspense elements with BDSM as well. Sean is, obviously a Dom, and Grace, a natural submissive, but in exploring the lifestyle together (Sean was experienced) they learned a lot about themselves and each other. And it made for a lovely romance.


The Men with the Golden Cuffs was equally as exciting, if not more so, than The Dom Who Loved Me. Once again, McKay-Taggert are called upon to investigate. This time they’re looking into the validity of a stalking case. Jake and Adam, whom we met in the first installment, are the central figures here. Lucky for them, since they aspire to have a menage marriage, the would-be stalkee is an author of menage stories who desires a forever menage relationship.

LBlake did an excellent job of leaving clues about possible suspects and had me snowed until the reveal. She also deftly crafted a romance between three broken souls. It was difficult for Jake, Adam, and Serena to trust and they had to work HARD to build a foundation for this relationship. The three of them complemented each other so well though, I was definitely rooting for them.


Ahh. A Dom is Forever is my favorite of the first three in this series. Perhaps because I love a dark hero with secrets and questionable redeem-ability. Liam definitely fits that description. He’s the one guy at McKay-Taggert, besides Ian Taggert, who piqued my curiosity in a big way. Getting to know his history and the source of his darkness was enlightening.

Liam and the team are in London on the trail of a rogue CIA agent. They’re led to a non-profit which may or may not be colluding with this rogue agent and the quickest way in is through the head honcho’s assistant. Avery has experienced an incredible amount of tragedy in her life and has only recently started trying to live again – through her job. When Lee (Liam’s undercover name) makes contact she’s quite confused. This leads to some light-heartedness that this story desperately needed. Both Liam and Avery have to pull out of the darkness and together they might make it.

BDSM plays a role here and I appreciate they way LBlake uses it not only in developing the romance but also in Liam and Avery’s self-discovery.

I admit that I figured out a part of the mystery but I didn’t want to believe it. The suspense was even tighter in this installment and I can’t wait to continue my Masters & Mercenaries binge!


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4 responses to “Bookworm Bites ~ Masters & Mercenaries #1-3 ~ Lexi Blake

  1. RO

    Way back in the day, prior to 2015, I was seriously hooked on the BDSM world and read everything out there. Even though I’ve moved on, I need to have this on my bookcase along with the rest of my collection because it sure sounds yummy! Hugs, RO

  2. Maureen Bakker

    I’m not sure these are the books for me. But I like the sound of the suspense.
    Loved your review 😉

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