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Since I have started to post a few discussion posts, I thought it might be a good thing to have a place where it’s possible to find them all in one place. Especially because I don’t post discussions ever week, or even every month. My discussion posts are always more or less bookish, about characters, tropes, clichés in literature or about authors and readers. I love reading discussion posts on other blogs, so I will try to become a little bit better about posting my own. It is always great to have other bookish people to have these discussions with, so I usually sign up with Charlotte of Thoughts and Pens Thursdays with Luxa when I do mine.

Charlotte does her weekly discussion link up on Thursdays, and there are so many great discussions going on in the blogosphere I almost always check out the links and go to leave my two cents on other bloggers discussion posts.

Since some of my posts might still be interesting for other readers and bloggers, here we go – links to my discussion posts:

Intimacy in YA books

Why is She a Virgin?

Safe Sex

Couples that Last

When a Beloved Character Dies

Reader / Author Interactions

When Favorite Books Have Babies


London and the Globe Experience

Friends from the Internet


Blogger Rant




WP Security?

Bought vs ARCs

Freedom of Speech

Mature and Sexy Characters

Literary Orphans in YA


Feel free to leave me a comment on any of my past discussion posts, I’ll be sure to come discuss it with you 🙂

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