About (un)Conventional Bookworms

Welcome to (un)Conventional Bookworms! This blog is run by Bookworm Brandee and Linda Tiliagren. They both started blogging in June 2012, and for over six years, they did so on their personal blogs. However, during the summer of 2018, they decided it would be even more fun if they took their friendship to the next level and merged the blogs, and voilà, (un)Conventional Bookworms was born.

Linda is pretty much an omnivore when it comes to books and reading, although she prefers to read fiction. She is not too particular about the genres, especially since she started blogging, and she likes to call herself a genre-omnivore. She loves reading a story where the world-building is making her feel like she’s visiting a far-away place, and this can happen both in contemporary novels, fantasy, paranormal stories, dystopia and others. It’s also quite important to her that there is character development – if the characters don’t learn anything at all from their mistakes, she probably won’t really enjoy reading about them. However, if they show some growth, there’s a big chance she’s going to love them!

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Brandee is a bookworm. Being a bookworm means she enjoys all things bookish. She reads…well, A LOT. She collects (read: hoard) books, bookmarks (one can never have too many), book lights, book plates, book journals… Sigh. She might have a little problem.

When she’s not reading a book or blogging about what she’s read, she’ looking for her next book, reading a favorite author’s blog, or reading another book lover’s blog. She likes to read just about anything and everything and she likes to to share about what she reads. Although she does spend much of my spare time reading, she’s also a writer and is currently working on a contemporary romance.

She also enjoys knitting and papercrafting – although to be honest, she doesn’t get to those hobbies all that often.

Although she’s a native Texan, she makes her home in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, where she lives with her husband and three kiddos.

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