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Review ~ Wait With Me ~ Amy Daws  #(un)EarthingaBookishBountyWait With Me by Amy Daws
Series: Wait With Me #1
Published by Stars Hollow Publishing on March 20, 2018
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance
Pages: 302
Format: Paperback
Source: BookBonanza 19
4 Stars

When romance novelist Kate Smith suddenly gets writer's block as she's beginning the final installment of her international bestselling erotic Bed 'n Breakfast series, she'll do pretty much anything to get her groove back.

Like sneak into a Tire Depot waiting room because her words flow there just like complimentary coffee-smooth, sweet, and scorchingly hot.

She manages to fly under the radar until the rugged and charming mechanic, Miles Hudson, notices the quirky redhead slinking in and out of the employees only entrance.

But she's way too intriguing to blow the whistle on.

Doing a test-drive of her new book idea sounds like a much better option.

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Wait With Me was the perfect quarantine…er, isolation read. ๐Ÿ˜‰ It was funny, emotional, & HOT! And I hate that I waited so long to read ADaws.

Kate is an author of erotica whose conservative family is embarrassed by her profession and she’s experiencing writer’s block due to the fact she’s still living with her douche of an ex-boyfriend. When she takes her car in for some maintenance she finds her writing mojo in the Tire Depot waiting room.

Miles is a mechanic at Tire Depot who can’t drama but believe his luck when he discovers this gorgeous red-head in the Customer Convenience Center. Especially since she’s there EVERY day. He’s sworn off relationships since his ex provided a lifetime’s worth of drama but there’s something about this girl. And when she propositions him for help researching some *ahem* things for her books… well, who could refuse? Not Miles. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Wait With Me was so much fun. I laughed and giggle-snorted often. The things that come out of Kate’s mouth! LOL That she thought she was inconspicuous waltzing into Tire Depot every day through the employee’s entrance was hilarious. Watching as Miles tries to fight her unique brand of charm was a delight.

The setting – in and around Boulder, Colorado – was a treat. It’s always special to read about places I know, picturing the characters in familiar locations. ADaws must be native or has spent time in Colorado because she nailed her descriptions of the towns, geography, weather, and the beauty of the Colorado sky, especially at sunset. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Honestly, Wait With Me was a treat all around. And I’m diving into the next installment immediately. ADaws made reading while in isolation a whole lot of fun!


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