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*I received a free copy of Rock F*ck Club from Selfpublished via Author. This has in no way influenced my voluntary review, which is honest and unbiased *

Warning: This book includes mature content such as: sexual content, and/or drug and/or alcohol use, and/or violence.
Blogger Wife Chat Review ~ Rock F*ck Club #6 ~ Michelle MankinRock F*ck Club by Michelle Mankin
Series: Rock F*ck Club #6
Published by Selfpublished on June 15, 2020
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance
Pages: 300
Format: eARC
Source: Author
5 Stars

Josephine Poet has completed filming for her season of the Rock F*ck Club. The rocker she has chosen has invited her to take a long ride with him...on his motorcycle. She wants nothing more than to spend every moment she can with the handsome lead singer of Anthem. But is the Rock F*ck Club really through for her? Are her troubles truly behind her...or are they lurking just around the next bend in the road?

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What a wonderful way to wrap-up this unique series. Rock F*ck Club is all about empowering women with the ability to embrace their sexuality without fear of judgement. Each woman in the series went about their journey in different ways but all managed to find real love despite trials and tribulations along the way. This final story once again follows Josephine and Gale (my favorite couple in the series!) as they navigate past and present obstacles on their way to a future together.

Jo and Gale are my favorite couple in the series, too, and I loved to see more of them here. I think this ending truly made sense, and I’m so happy Mankin went there.


I have to admit that I, along with the rest of the cast, was still reeling from that event at the end of RFC #5. It did provide a reason for Gale to take Jo on a road trip though. I appreciated the lengths he went to in trying to prove to Jo that he loved her and would take care of her. From a stay in a secluded cabin to reading to her in bed, he was steadfast and determined to show her his feelings. How did you feel about the road trip and the stops along the way?

Gale is so completely made of awesome. I love that he’s both a nerd and a rockstar, somehow, that just works really well in my head. I loved the road trip, and especially what Gale wanted the road trip to achieve for him and Jo as a couple.


Okay, let’s discuss obstacles in Jo and Gale’s way. First, there’s RFC. I swear that the gal in charge of the show never got what it was supposed to be about. I shook my head at her attempt to pressure Jo into one more show. What did you think about how Jo and Gale handled this hindrance?

You’re so right, she truly didn’t get the reason why these women wanted to do RFC in the first place. It was about taking back control, and she was not having it. I loved how Jo and Gale handled the last show, but I also kind of wish Jo wouldn’t have been so fast with that, as a certain record label boss was so on it.


Next, there was Jo’s past. I wasn’t so worried about the one thing being an issue, especially since Gale stood solidly by her side where it was concerned. I was dumbfounded by her parents attempting to make trouble for her. Hadn’t she suffered enough? Paid a steep enough price? I understood Jo not wanting the publicity or any blowback from it touching Gale but I also felt they were stronger than that. So it was a little frustrating that she was so stubborn about it. Of course, she’d met her match in stubbornness with Gale. 😉 I adored how they each went about wanting to protect each other and love one another even when it put them and their agendas at odds. How did you feel about this particular hurdle?

I wasn’t worried about Jo’s past being an issue for Gale either, but I knew Jo would not deal with it well. She feels like she doesn’t deserve any kind of happiness, but that Gale deserves the world, so I kind of got her, even if I didn’t agree with her. Thank goodness Gale just didn’t care what other people thought of his relationship goals. Jo and Gale and their relationship is something to strive for, and I think Gale understood that before Jo did.


In the end it was so incredible to see just how many people Jo and Gale, but particularly Jo, had in her corner. Gale and his bandmates, Jo’s bandmates, Mary Timmons…the list goes on. And I appreciated MMankin bringing in Mel to meet Jo since they’re half-sisters. I know Jo questioned whether RFC was the right or smart thing to do but look at all the good that came out of it. She found her soul mate and more friends than she probably figured she deserved. I think she learned a things or two about herself and I hope she found a little redemption. How did you feel about how things wrapped up?

I loved the ending, and I agree, having Mel and Jo meet was perfect. I kind of want a book about their new relationship as half-sisters now… where they can get to know each other, and also talk about Joey. I’m thinking that actually doing RFC liberated something in Jo, because she did decide who and how to do things, even if the PTB tried to push her into doing more than she wanted. I agree that she learned more about herself, and it was possibly the start of her redemption (that she mostly needed in her own eyes).


Jo and Gale. Gale and Jo. These two were my favorite in the series and it might have had a lot to do with them being bookworms. 😉 They were survivors though. They’d hit the lowest of lows and found kindred spirits in each other. Gale was so good for Jo because he’d had to learn to forgive himself and I think he’ll eventually get Jo all the way there. Anyway, the series ended satisfyingly in my opinion. There was angst. There was love and loyalty and friendship. There was smoking hot chemistry. And there was love. And love conquers all. *sigh*

Didn’t you just love how they would read out loud to each other? We’re so doing that the next time we meet! Gale and Jo were both survivors, only Gale was further on his path of forgiveness and redemption than Jo was. There was everything we could want to pack up Rock F*ck Club, Mankin is a master at hot chemistry, heartache, and that strong, all-encompassing love we adore.


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