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*I received a free copy of Sweet Little Lies from Avon via Edelweiss. This has in no way influenced my voluntary review, which is honest and unbiased *

Review: Sweet Little Lies – Jill ShalvisSweet Little Lies by Jill Shalvis
Series: Heartbreaker Bay #1
Published by Avon on 28 June 2016
Genres: Romance
Pages: 384
Format: eARC
Source: Edelweiss
5 Stars

Choose the one guy you can’t have . . .
As captain of a San Francisco Bay tour boat, Pru can handle rough seas—the hard part is life on dry land. Pru loves her new apartment and her neighbors; problem is, she’s in danger of stumbling into love with Mr. Right for Anybody But Her.
Fall for him—hard . . .
Pub owner Finn O’Riley is six-foot-plus of hard-working hottie who always makes time for his friends. When Pru becomes one of them, she discovers how amazing it feels to be on the receiving end of that deep green gaze. But when a freak accident involving darts (don’t ask) leads to shirtless first aid, things rush way past the friend zone. Fast.
And then tell him the truth.
Pru only wants Finn to be happy; it’s what she wishes for at the historic fountain that’s supposed to grant her heart’s desire. But wanting him for herself is a different story—because Pru’s been keeping a secret that could change everything. . .

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Sweet Little Lies is a fantastic start to Shalvis’ new series. There is romance galore, as well as friendship, humor and loyalty as well.

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As soon as I started reading Sweet Little Lies, I knew I was going to fall in love with it! First of all, the romantic interest’s name is Finn *sighs* and he owns an Irish bar *double-sighs* and he’s loyal to a fault, strong and hardworking. Plus, he’s very easy on the eyes. The way Pru described him to me showed me I was going to love her as well. She’s been through a lot, none of it her won fault, and because she’s felt so much guilt over her parents’ mistakes, she’s made it her life mission to make it up to the people affected. And a lot of her hard work was put to use for other people, rather than for herself.

Once she met Finn, though, a lot of things started to change for Pru. And those changes were both very fast and very necessary. She finally realized that there was more to life than fixing a mistake that couldn’t be fixed, and that wasn’t even her mistake to begin with. Sweet Little Lies is the kind of romance that made my toes curl, and I both smiled and fanned myself several times – sometimes at the same moment, even. Shalvis is a master at contemporary romances with enough hotness to make me feel it, and characters with substance who have a real story to tell.

Written in third person point of view, from Pru and Finn’s perspectives, and in past tense, I felt like I got a good grasp on them both. There were plenty of sassy dialogues, as well as some very funny incidents including a dumb waiter… Sweet Little Lies introduced me to several characters I want to know more about – of course, I got to know Pru and Finn quite well, but they both had friends and neighbors I need to meet again. I’m very happy to know it’s the beginning of a new series, and I can’t wait to get my hands on The Trouble with Mistletoe which is scheduled for release in the fall.

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Without the lure of cable to make her evening, she needed chicken wings. And nobody made chicken wings like O’Riley’s. It’s not the chicken wings you’re wanting, a small voice inside her head said. And that was fact. Nope, what drew her into O’Riley’s like a bee to hone was the six-foot, broad-shouldered, dark eyes, dark smile of Finn O’Riley himself.

“Huh,” Willa said.
“No,” Pru said. “There’s no huh.”
“Oh, honey, there’s a huge huh,” Willa said. “I work with dogs and cats all day long, I’m fluent in eye-speak. And there’s some serious eye-speak going on here. It’s saying you to want to f-“

Ignoring her wobbly knees, she left the lock in place, shaking her head at herself. Apparently it’d been too long since her last social orgasm and while she handled her own business just fine, her business was clearly getting bored with herself.

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28 responses to “Review: Sweet Little Lies – Jill Shalvis

  1. You need to stop reminding me that I haven’t read a book by the author, not a single one! But I know I need to do that!

  2. I’m reading this right now and really liking it. I absolutely LOVE Finn, and I do like Pru, although I don’t like the whole Big Secret thing. That’s never been a plot device I’ve enjoyed. I also love Thor. Jill Shalvis has a way with writing this adorable lovable animals into her novels

    • Finn is just such a great hero! I fell for him from the very beginning.
      I didn’t really think Pru’s secret was a ‘real’ secret in many ways, Quinn, but I get what you mean, using big bad secrets usually back-fires, but I enjoyed this story so much!

  3. Oh like what you are saying about Finn and Pru. So sad that she feels guilt for other people’s mistakes, but glad it led her to Finn. Sounds like a good start to a new series.

  4. Greta review Lexxie! I have this one for review and I hope I can read it soon. It sounds very good and I like how you mention you get a good feel of both characters. I am looking forward to meeting Pru and Finn. And how things change for Pru once she meets Finn, that sounds great to read about. I’ve only read Shalvis her Cedar Ridge series, but really enjoyed it.

  5. Psst..they sent me a copy of this in paperback and I cannot wait to read it..but need my smexy librairan glasses to do it and so I keep shuffling it in my tbr pile. I am so happy you loved it and cannot wait to dive in 🙂

  6. I still haven’t read the author. I have seen this book around though and every time I do, I wonder why she has a towel on head? The main characters sound pretty great to me. I like the idea of an Irish pub as well. Glad that you loved it!

  7. *grabby hands* I want!! Of course, I have a few Shalvis books on my shelf to read first…including one I got at BEA. 😉 I’m glad you fell for another of Shalvis’ couples!! *BIG HUGS*

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