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*I received a free copy of Big Dicker from Science Future Press via Author. This has in no way influenced my voluntary review, which is honest and unbiased *

Blogger Wife Chat Review ~ Big Dicker ~ KC CrossBig Dicker by J. A. Huss, K.C. Cross
Series: Harem Station #3
Published by Science Future Press on June 10, 2019
Genres: Adult, Fantasy, Romance, Science Fiction, Space Opera
Pages: 304
Format: eARC
Source: Author

Welcome to Mighty Minions Resort.
Jimmy’s personal hell.

All Jimmy wants is a booster shot of DNA scrambler so he never has to find his one-true soul mate. But life rarely goes the way you plan it.

After dropping Xyla off on Blue Sand Beach for a little vacay with her sexbot girlfriends the Big Dicker has to make an emergency landing on the demon-themed Mighty Minions Resort. Picture hordes of exasperated parents, sticky, crying kids, and a park AI that seems determined to suck every credit out of his Harem Station bank account.

The only good thing about Mighty Minions from Jimmy’s perspective—it’s not the place you meet your soul mate.

Until outlaw Cygnian princess, Delphi, shows up and shatters all his best-laid plans.

But Delphi isn’t there to fall in love with Jimmy.

She’s there to kidnap him and take him back to her boss, the Loathsome One.

Big Dicker is a full-length, romp-y, Sci-Fi Alien Romance that features hot, soul-mate sex on a family-friendly resort, a sentient ship with a strip poker problem, three drunk-outlaw sexbots on vacay, a crazy, but misunderstood, dragonbee bot, and an evil villainess who has big plans for Jimmy’s sperm.

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I think I might have enjoyed Big Dicker even more, wifey Jimmy is a hoot! And Delphi is a good match for him. 😉

I definitely enjoyed this one more. So funny, and I loved how nobody manages to pronounce his name correctly. It makes me giggle every single time!

First, I just want to say that I thought it was awesome Xyla was getting a girl’s vacay! I admire the fact that Jimmy and his brothers see the bots as “people” who have rights and deserve respect. I don’t know if Cross is making a statement there but I like that anti-discrimination/prejudice is such an integral element anyway. What do you think?

I love that bots are seen as people with rights because it just goes to show that the way these machines were made, they also have feelings and agency. To me, I think Cross is making a statement there in a way. Don’t diss what you don’t know 😉 

It seemed to me that Big Dicker was more instrumental in conveying the bigger picture for this series. Although I still really have no clue what the hell is going on! LOL Cross doled out information and I’m sure threw in more than a few red herrings with this story. There was Delphi’s odd childhood. There was The Loathsome One. There was all that weird stuff that happened on Mighty Minions Resort. Do you have a clue, wifey? Do you understand all that’s going on in this war brewing? Or the war that may not have ended? Clue me in, please!

I love that Cross doesn’t give anything to us straight. I think that there are things that have been going on for a long time between the two planets with either the princesses or the sexy men. However, I have an inkling about something going on there and how it has all been planned. Not going to talk about that here for all to see, though :p I’ll let you know privately, wifey. The Loathsome One was a new mystery, but she wasn’t all that mysterious. And the Mighty Minions Resort… has a much more powerful AI than Jimmy thought.

I love that Mighty Minions Resort was the place families went to vacation. The way they needled you into buying more stuff. The way they charged more and more – always with a smile? I was rolling with laughter. (btw, this is how I envision Disney World. 😉 ) What did you think? I also felt like there was more going on than I understood. You?

LOL This is exactly how I envision Disney World, too – even if I have never been. Yes, definitely a lot more than meets the eye. But again, I think it has to do with the AI.

Okay, Delphi’s mission…I knew it was doomed to fail, of course. It almost seemed like part of the plan. Given the circumstances though – which we won’t discuss because SPOILER – Delphi and Jimmy sure fell hard and fast. I loved how Jimmy described it as “old-fashioned.” And I liked them together even though Jimmy was so against soulmates he’d been medically altering himself to avoid it. Did you have misgivings about them? Scratch your head? Or were you totally on board with them falling for one another?

Huh… I’m not so sure the medically altering thing worked the way Jimmy thought it would work. And that’s also something not to really discuss here. It makes me smile because of how vague we are here.

The Loathsome One…what did you think of her? I thought she was a despicable lunatic! LOL What she was doing? What she had planned for Jimmy? And clearly there is much more going on with Cygnian boys. There’s more there than we know. Thoughts?

She is one of those super-villains! The things she was doing to those boys made my gag-reflex work overtime. Enough said.

That twist with Delphi? Did you see that coming? I sure didn’t. It’s sad but at the same time funny. But who raised her? And why? Questions, questions, questions…

Yeah, that was funny and weird, and I did NOT see that coming. I really do wonder about everything concerning her childhood and her family – but again, I can’t really say much about it here – we don’t want to spoil Big Dicker for anyone.

One last giggle… I love that Jimmy’s name is so uncommon in this world. So odd that no one can pronounce it. The names the Mighty Minions came up with? Hilarious!!

Oh my goodness, I still giggle when I think of it. And I have some theories about that as well.

So wifey, I had a good time with Big Dicker. I’m really digging this series. I can’t wait to see what else Cross has in store for us and I’m excited to have all my questions answered.



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  1. Ailyn Koay

    it’s like the poor guy’s fell into his worst nightmare, and it just got worst!! omg your reviews are hilarious

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