Weekend Wrap-up #318 – Summer is here!

Posted 4 July, 2020 by Linda @ (un)Conventional Bookworms in Memes, Wrap-up Posts / 34 Comments

Weekend Wrap-up is where I share my new books, as well as what happened here at (un)Conventional Bookworms and elsewhere in the blogoshpere. I’m linking up with the usual suspects, AKA Team Tynga’s Reviews and Caffeinated Reviewer.

STS #317

Stacking The Shelves, hosted by Tynga’s Reviews and Reading Reality is all about the latest additions to my library – virtual or actual, with books that are  bought, borrowed, won or ARCs  I will (probably) be reading soon. Without further ado, here’s what I added to my bloated shelves this past week:

The Silvered Serpents cover - (un)Conventional Bookworms - Weekend Wrap-upFable cover - (un)Conventional Bookworms - Weekend Wrap-up

Thank you Wednesday Books and NetGalley! (these were both read now!)

The Gilded Wolves cover - (un)Conventional Bookworms - Weekend Wrap-upMidnight cover - (un)Conventional Bookworms - Weekend Wrap-up

Blackout audiocover - (un)Conventional Bookworms - Weekend Wrap-up

The Sunday Post #257 – Weekend Wrap-up

Kim @ The Caffeinated Reviewer, is our hostess with the mostest for the weekly Sunday Post where I’m wrapping things up. It is the perfect opportunity to share what happened here on my own blog, as well as some of the happenings elsewhere in the Blogosphere.

It was so nice to not have a schedule this past week! I didn’t read very much, but I sure did relax a lot. The dogs were happy to sit or lie next to me on the couch, too. We are still waiting to see if we’ll go to Spain this summer or not – there aren’t a lot of people in the small village where we have our apartment, so we might do it. Even if we wouldn’t stay for very long.

This Week’s Puppies in Action:

two sleepy dachshunds on the couch - one is yawning, the other is sleeping
Sleepy puppies <3


Did you get some good books last week? What have you been up to this past week? Thanks for stopping by, I hope you’re enjoying your weekend, and that next week will be filled with awesome! Stay safe and healthy my friends!



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34 responses to “Weekend Wrap-up #318 – Summer is here!

  1. RO

    Yay to relaxation, and glad you got some in. I’ve been able to finish up quite a few library books, but TBR pile is still pretty massive. Looks like you grabbed a few goodies to read too. Hope you get to head out to Spain. Stay safe! Hugs, RO

    • It’s important to have down time every now and then 🙂 I’m glad you’ve been able to finish up some library books, Ro. My TBR pile somehow keeps growing – even if I try to read mostly books I already own. Some shiny ARCs are just too difficult to resist.

  2. agreatreviewer

    Yeah trying to plan a vacation is insanely impossible right now. I keep trying to to plan for fall event trips, but it’s too soon for them to say yay or nay for those, which is a bummer since flights are so cheap right now! Lol. I’ll continue to wait though, hopefully there’ll still be some flights should I need it!

    Nice new reads! Those are some new to me ones but the author’s are ones I know of. I hope you enjoy them all!

    My StS will be up tomorrow, so stop by then if you can!

    Have a GREAT day!

    Old Follower 🙂

  3. Sophia Rose

    Yay for being able to sit and relax even if reading is slower. Nice pile of new books. I love Beverly Jenkins’ historicals.
    Hopefully, you get to still make your trip.

    Have a good week, Linda!

  4. I’ve been wanting to try Dannika Dark for a while after hearing some rave reviews. That series sounds fun. And what a cover on the Chokshi one!

    I hope you guys do manage to get to Spain if it’s in the cards! Have a great week!!!

    • Thanks, Laurel-Rain! I saw that The Silver Serpent was read now on NetGalley, but it was the second book – The Gilded Wolves is the first in the series. So I figured I should read that one first 🙂
      Thanks for stopping by.

  5. I really need to read The Gilded Wolves, I’ve been meaning to for sooo long and someone bought me it in a Secret Santa at Christmas! Here’s hoping you enjoy it — I’ve been hesitating over clicking Read Now on Netgalley on The Silvered Serpents in case I don’t, ahaha…

    My weekly roundup post!

    • I’ve just started reading Gilded Wolves, and I’m enjoying it so far! There’s some setting up the world and getting to know the characters, but there’s also already some mystery and magic going on 🙂
      Thanks for stopping by!

  6. Literary Feline

    I keep seeing mention of Fable. It does sound good. I still need to read The Gilded Wolves, but am looking forward to the sequel as well. I am glad you had a relaxing week. That would be great if you can still go to Spain as planned, but I understand your caution. We have no travel plans or even vacation plans right now. I hope you have a great week. Stay safe and well.

    • Twitter told me Fable was read now on NetGalley, and I couldn’t resist 🙂 I just started Gilded Wolves this weekend, and so far I’m really enjoying it.

      Yeah, Spain is awesome in the summer, but we don’t want to do anything to jeopardize our health, so we’ll wait and see.

      Thanks for stopping by!

  7. Gayathri Lakshminarayanan

    I love your puppers, especially their inaction in the pics. I hope your stay is pleasant and safe.

  8. So glad that you are able to put your feet up and take it easy. Himself has been on holiday and we haven’t gone anywhere or done anything here, either! We had a list of chores, but elected instead to sit and read… It’s important to take it easy sometimes:). Have a great week, Linda.

  9. (My comment rudely posted before I was done) I am keeping my fingers crossed for you that you are able to visit Spain before the summer is over.

  10. So glad you are able to relax and enjoy summer. I wouldn’t worry about being at your apt as much as traveling to get there. Well unless you could drive without making stops. Yay puppies. Lulu is on the couch as well. Enjoy those new reads!

    Anne – Books of My Heart Here is my Sunday Post   

  11. I hope you make it to Spain! My husband and I visited in 2010 and loved it. Lucky you, to have an apartment there! I just saw Fable on another blog and immediately put an early hold on it at my library. It sounds (and looks) so good! Enjoy your week!

  12. I love the Guilded Wolves cover! It’s so pretty.

    Planning is hard at the moment. I have a feeling everything we do will be last minute this summer as you just don’t know what’s coming next…

  13. Maureen Bakker

    I’m glad to read you’ve been able to relax this week. I hope this next week will be just as good.
    Your new books look interesting.
    Happy reading.

  14. Jen

    Yea for summer vacation! I hope it doesn’t get too hot for you. I have some major cover love for a couple of this week’s haul: both Fable and Midnight are so lovely!

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