Review ~ Dying for Chocolate ~ Diane Mott Davidson

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Review ~ Dying for Chocolate ~ Diane Mott DavidsonDying for Chocolate by Diane Mott Davidson
Series: Goldy Bear Culinary Mystery #2
Published by Bantam on November 1993
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Mystery
Pages: 320
Format: Paperback
Source: Borrowed from friend
4 Stars

Goldy Bear is the bright, opinionated, wildly inventive caterer whose personal life is a recipe for disaster, with bills taking a bite out of her budget and her abusive ex-husband making tasteless threats. Determined to take control, Goldy moves her business to the ritzy Aspen Meadow Country Club. Soon she’s preparing decadent dinners and posh society picnics—and enjoying the favors of Philip Miller, a handsome local shrink, and Tom Schulz, her more-than-friendly neighborhood cop. Until, that is, the dishy doctor drives his BMW into an oncoming bus. Convinced that Philip’s bizarre death was no accident, Goldy begins to sift through the dead doc’s unpalatable secrets. But this case is seasoned with unexpected danger and even more unexpected revelations—the kind that could get a caterer killed.

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Dying for Chocolate was a book club read otherwise I wouldn’t have started a series at #2. 😉 I never felt lost though and enjoyed my introduction to Diana Mott Davidson and Goldy.


  • Goldy
    Goldy is a likeable character and I identified with her on several levels. She lacked a bit in the self-esteem department having suffered a nasty divorce. She’s also trying to do her very best in raising her young son. I appreciated her culinary skills as well as her amateur sleuthing skills.
    I also appreciated DMD’s surrounding Goldy with good, supportive friends and a solid love possibility.
  • Mystery
    The mystery was well done. I hadn’t figured it all out by the reveal but a majority of it. I liked it though. I only wished there had been more communication. It would have resolved things.
  • Setting
    DMD lives here in Evergreen and this mystery series is set here as well. It was entertaining trying to figure out the areas, trails, and businesses she was referencing in the story. Also, she described the area – mountains, weather, smells, and sound so beautifully it was visceral.

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3 responses to “Review ~ Dying for Chocolate ~ Diane Mott Davidson

  1. I feel like that’s always the thing in certain books, the lack of communication and how without it things would be solved so much faster.

  2. I’ve read most if not all of this series but it’s been awhile, probably 20 years. I liked the mysteries and the FOOD. I even made some of the recipes.

    Anne – Books of My Heart

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