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Audio Review ~ The Scribe ~ Elizabeth HunterThe Scribe by Elizabeth Hunter
Narrator: Zachary Webber
Series: Irin Chronicles #1
Published by Audible Studios on December 16, 2014
Genres: Adult, Fantasy, Paranormal, Romance, Urban Fantasy
Length: 9 hours, 24 minutes
Format: Audiobook
Source: Audible Purchase
4.5 Stars

Hidden at the crossroads of the world, an ancient race battles to protect humanity, even as it dies from within.

Ava Matheson came to Istanbul looking for answers, but others came looking for her. A reckless warrior guards her steps, but will Malachi’s own past blind him to the truth of who Ava might be? While ancient forces gather around them, both Ava and Malachi search for answers.

Whispering voices. Deadly touch. Their passion should be impossible... or it could be the only thing that will keep them alive.

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How much did I love The Scribe? Let me count the ways. LOL I’ve been intending to read EHunter since 2013 when I challenged myself to read the attending authors of TFEIC. (that’s The First Ever Indie Conference) Now, I’m mentally smacking myself for having waited so long. The Scribe was so compelling and the fact Zachary Webber narrated it only made the story that much richer.

Ava is such an interesting character. When we meet her she’s in a session with a psychiatrist because she’s looking for answers to why she has always felt different. The psychiatrist sends her to Istanbul where he believes there is someone who can help her. Once there, something is set into motion that brings ancient forces together in a battle that’s been being fought for eons.

Malachi is a warrior in the fight and the one who might be best at protecting Ava. As they spend time together – under false pretenses at first – it begins to become apparent that Malachi and Ava have been meant to come together.

The explanation of Ava’s differences, Malachi’s tattoos, the danger coming for Ava and the reasons for it, all made for a listen I was loathe to remove my earbuds. This beginning of Ava and Malachi’s journey kept my blood and adrenaline pumping with the suspense and need to know.

ZWebber has become a favorite narrator of mine and he didn’t disappoint me with The Scribe. He kept a tightly written story paced perfectly and distinguished the characters’ voices well. I’ve already downloaded and am currently listening to the next in the series because EHunter has me tied in knots! And it’s a very good predicament. 😉


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