Review ~ Kindred – A Graphic Novel Adaptation ~ Octavia Butler, Damian Duffy, John Jennings

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Review ~ Kindred – A Graphic Novel Adaptation ~ Octavia Butler, Damian Duffy, John JenningsKindred: A Graphic Novel Adaptation by Damian Duffy, John Jennings, Octavia Butler
Published by Harry N. Abrams on January 10, 2017
Genres: Adult, Graphic Novel, Historical
Pages: 240
Format: Paperback
Source: Purchase
5 Stars

I lost an arm on my last trip home.

Home is a new house with a loving husband in 1970s California that suddenly transformed in to the frightening world of the antebellum South.

Dana, a young black writer, can't explain how she is transported across time and space to a plantation in Maryland. But she does quickly understand why: to deal with the troubles of Rufus, a conflicted white slaveholder--and her progenitor.

Her survival, her very existence, depends on it.

This searing graphic-novel adaptation of Octavia E. Butler's science fiction classic is a powerfully moving, unflinching look at the violent disturbing effects of slavery on the people it chained together, both black and white--and made kindred in the deepest sense of the word.

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I read the graphic novel adaptation of Kindred at the request of my daughter, Berk. She read it at the beginning of her freshman year of college (2019) and was so moved by it she wanted to share. I was equally moved by it and I intend to read the novel now as well.

The story told in Kindred – that of a black woman being continually pulled back in time to save her white ancestor – translated well as a graphic novel. The illustrations superbly conveyed the setting, mood, and emotion of the story and characters. I don’t feel qualified to discuss the finer details of a graphic novel since this is only the third one I’ve ever read but I’m of the opinion that this is a worthy adaptation.

Kindred is a thought-provoking novel. The reader is taken from post-civil rights America to a time when slavery was common. We witness how the main character, Dana, is treated and interacted with by both her ancestors and the slaves they owned. We learn how she is treated in modern times as well. For instance, we see how her husband’s family reacted to him marrying a black woman since he’s white.

I think Kindred is a very relevant read considering the racial tension currently, or should I say continually, brewing in our country. It made me think about slavery and its lasting impact on our nation. And it did so in an “easy to swallow” format. I highly recommend it!

Reading this book contributed to these challenges:

  • 2020 COYER all year long
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4 responses to “Review ~ Kindred – A Graphic Novel Adaptation ~ Octavia Butler, Damian Duffy, John Jennings

  1. Ailyn Koay

    now that is a great reason to travel back in time I guess? was her progenitor a person who’s always looking for trouble kind?

  2. Maureen Bakker

    Great review! I love the sound of this book.. and definitely so fitting for this current time.

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