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*I received a free copy of Tempted by Scandal from Mills & Boon Desire via Author. This has in no way influenced my voluntary review, which is honest and unbiased *

New Release Review ~ Tempted by Scandal ~ Karen Booth (@karenbbooth)Tempted by Scandal by Karen Booth
Series: Dynasties: Secrets of the A-List #1
Published by Mills & Boon Desire on May 1, 2019
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance
Pages: 159
Format: eARC
Source: Author
3.5 Stars

As her billionaire boss, he had everything. ‘I don't have you.'

Nadia Gonzalez has too much at stake to fall for her boss. But billionaire entrepreneur Matt Richmond has a way of getting past her defences. Too bad what's amazing in the bedroom is terrible for Richmond Industries - especially when tabloid rumours threaten to destroy Nadia's career. Can she trust Matt to stand by her...or must business come first?

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Tempted by Scandal is the first in a collaborative series and as a beginning, it has me excited by what’s to come!

What Worked:

  • Characters
    Tempted by Scandal revolved around a couple – Nadia and Matt. A few other characters were introduced, primarily Teresa and Liam, who will be the focus in the next installment. Nadia and Matt become involved intimately despite working together. Nadia is Matt’s assistant and he’s the CEO of his company. Yeah…scandalous. 😉 I liked them together. The seem to have a brilliant working relationship that’s helped develop their romantic feelings. And outside of work, they seem to have much in common despite vastly different upbringings. I liked that the both considered family to be very important.
  • Plot/Subplots
    I’m unsure what the over-arching plot of the series will be but perhaps it will involve the project Matt and Liam have been working on? The sub-plots were obstacles in the development of Matt and Nadia’s relationship as well as that of Liam and Teresa. They created a bit of tension and even some suspense. I’m keep to see the outcomes.
  • Romance
    I don’t mind an office romance from time to time 😉 and KBooth delivered a nice romance for Nadia and Matt. As I said, they work well together but literally and figuratively. And we see the beginnings of the romance between Teresa and Liam. The two have a more contentious relationship and it’ll be interesting to see whether Liam can give his trust to Teresa.


What Could Have Worked Better:

  • Sub-plot
    The sub-plot concerning Matt and Nadia’s relationship was a bit predictable. I’d figured out whodunit early on. This didn’t detract from the story, I simply felt a little more complexity would have enhanced it.
  • Romance
    A lot of the courtship between Matt and Nadia took place off-page prior to the beginning of the story. I think their relationship would have felt more solid if a bit more of the start had been on-page.


Overall, Tempted by Scandal was an engaging read and has me invested in these characters and the series.


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4 responses to “New Release Review ~ Tempted by Scandal ~ Karen Booth (@karenbbooth)

  1. I love a good office romance, but their courtship taking place off-page does not particularly appeal to me. I like to see all the aspects of a romance relationship in a book!

  2. Lindy@ A Bookish Escape

    This sounds like it was a good story overall. I like my whodunit books to be less predictable, and can see wanting more of the romance to take place from the beginning on page. The main characters sound like the were compatible and worked well together. Great Review Brandee!

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