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*I received a free copy of Bossy Bride: Emma & Jesse from Science Future Press via Author. This has in no way influenced my voluntary review, which is honest and unbiased *

Blogger Wife Chat Review ~ Bossy Bride: Emma & Jesse ~ JA HussBossy Bride: Emma & Jesse by JA Huss
Series: Bossy Brothers #4
Published by Science Future Press on December 18, 2019
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance
Pages: 324
Format: eARC
Source: Author
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3 Stars

Jesse Boston is the man of my dreams. He’s super sexy, super rich, and super funny. He gets all my jokes, he treats me like a princess, and our love life is smokin’ hot.

So I’m gonna marry him. I’m not real picky about how that happens and if my mother wants to have her say, fine. That’s fine. She gave birth to three boys and just one girl. So I get it. She NEEDS a wedding.

But when she invites my childhood nemesis, KAREN, to plan our wedding AND be one of my bride’s maids? Uh---no. It’s not happening. Karen Krakken-Channing will not plan my wedding, will not be at my wedding, and she’s certainly not going to be IN my wedding.

Luckily, my jet-butler, Miles, and my almost-husband get this great idea!

We’re going to elope to Vegas on Christmas Eve eve, get hitched in the most ridiculous way possible, and then fly home in time for Christmas Eve dinner.

We’ve got it all figured out.

Nothing can go wrong.

We will have one simple wedding in like… a drive-through chapel, and call it good.

Take that, KAREN!

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Bossy Bride was billed as “pee in your pants funny.” I didn’t think it was that much of a comedic romp but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t a good read. I found it a bit deeper and felt it was consistent with Jesse in its OTT-ness. I enjoyed it for what it was.

Ha! I didn’t think it was all that funny, either. It was a bit frantic, and I also thought that not that much happened. They were just running around from wedding to wedding – and the mysteries from the beginning of the book (like, look out your window at 3 am?) weren’t even mentioned again later. I did enjoy it, but I think I was still in a huge book hangover from that other book I had to read twice in a row before I could let it go. 

Right off the bat I want to know how you felt about the story and how it compared to its advertising?

I guess I kind of answered that above. I found everything to be frantic, without any real thread to keep everything together. And I didn’t find it all that funny, truly. I did enjoy seeing Jesse and Emma again, though, as I love to see what happens ‘after’ the main story is over.

Mama Dumas definitely likes having things her way. It’s no surprise her daughter would be the same way. I didn’t find it odd that Emma was upset by her mother taking the reigns for her wedding plans but I did find her actions/reactions a bit OTT. Of course, we’re talking about a woman who bought Jesse at a charity auction with plans of revenge. So maybe not that much out of character. What did you think of Emma’s actions/reactions to her mother’s plans?

LOL yeah, a little bit much for sure. I mean, running of to Vegas in the middle of the night, without a real plan – just so her mom and her nemesis couldn’t plan it for her? At the same time, you’re right, Emma goes big, or she doesn’t go at all.

Considering Jesse’s dream at the beginning of the book, and considering he’s a Boston, I have to admit to having conspiracy theories when all the wedding shenanigans were going down. Especially at the end. And I also admit to hoping things would happen similarly to how they did. How did you feel about the multiple attempts at matrimony? Were you dreaming up conspiracies? How did you feel about the way things turned out?

Yeah, that dream was scary! The multiple attempts at matrimony were just silly to me – why not pick one real thing and go for it? At the same time, it ended well, after a lot of unfinished weddings. And I was totally dreaming up conspiracies – that Miles!!

I don’t think I can say I’m disappointed with Bossy Bride per se. I don’t think it lived up to its billing but that could just be me. However, after getting about a third of the way in, I accepted it for what I felt it was going to be and settled in to enjoy the ride. Again, Bossy Bride was consistent with Jesse so it was lighter fare than the other installments. I suppose I simply prefer Huss’s meatier stories. You?

I do prefer Huss’s meatier stories. And as I said in the beginning, I think that no matter what I had read after that other book, I would have not enjoyed it as much as usually would. That’s not on Huss, though, that’s on me!


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