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Review: Twice Tempted (Night Prince #2) – Jeaniene FrostTwice Tempted by Jeaniene Frost
Series: Night Prince #2
Published by Avon on 26 March 2013
Genres: Adult, Paranormal Romance, Urban Fantasy
Pages: 360
Source: Kindle Purchase
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5 Stars

Twice Tempted starts with a very intriguing prologue, continues with a bang, and leaves Leila in a seemingly impossible situation. Vlad tries his best to do what is necessary to keep Leila happy, but he has some trust issues. The humor and hotness I love Jeaniene Frost for are ever-present. When Vlad and Leila actually manage to talk to each other without anger or interruptions, it's easy to see why they were having problems in the first place.

Twice Tempted is book #2 in the Night Prince series, and it continues showing how complex Vlad is, and what Leila needs to be happy living in his castle. I love how controlling Vlad has always seemed to me, yet with Leila there is something more soft and caring about him. But there are some concessions he won’t make though – saying ‘I love you’ is one of them. Showing the difference between Leila and Vlad based on their life experience, and

Leila doesn’t have her powers anymore at the beginning of Twice Tempted, and it seems to her that since she lost her powers, Vlad has lost interest in her. She is sad, and doesn’t know what to do to try to re-ignite that spark they used to have. Instead of simply trying to talk things through with Vlad, though, she is withdrawing a little, and when there’s a big misunderstanding between them, she up and leaves for good!

Once Leila is back in the US, things start to happen very fast. First, there is a bomb, and Maximus comes back for her to make sure she’ll stay in hiding. Marty didn’t make it, and Leila is devastated to have lost her best friend. Leila is having trouble knowing who she should trust, and when Maximus tells her she should disappear and pretend she was the girl who was killed in the explosion, she goes with it.

There are two distinct plot-lines in Twice Tempted; one is about the love Vlad and Leila share for each other, but have so much trouble actually sharing. Vlad is stubborn, but so is Leila – however, Vlad has centuries of experience on his side, so he seems to be a lot more fixed in his ways than Leila. The second plot-line is about the person out to get Leila – and this is a great mystery. I was trying to figure out who it could be, and I came up empty.

I was even feeling quite worried for Leila’s safety at one point, because she seemed to be in an impossible situation. The way she was able to get out of that situation was truly amazing, and showed the power Leila has inside of her. I don’t only mean her psychic or electric power either, her inner strength really amazed me. If you know me at all, you know I love reading about strong female characters. And I don’t mean physical strength, I mean that intangible inner strength that makes her not give up. That makes her continue to fight for what is right, even when it can put her life in danger. That’s who Leila is to me.

Gretchen cracked me up – so insolent and non-caring about Vlad being a vampire. Like she really didn’t care what he could do to her if she did something wrong. Always counting on Leila to be there to defend her. And it was nice to see the two sisters mending their relationship a little, Vlad of course had the best one-liners again, I love his dry humor that is always delivered with class and a dose of irony.

There was a quick Cat sighting as well – and that made me want the next Night Huntress book. I love the whole universe Jeaniene Frost has created, both because the characters are so well done and because even if it is in a paranormal world, it makes sense. The vampires don’t make excuses for who or what they are, even as they do try to blend in as well. I love Vlad’s no-nonsense personality, and it was great to learn more about his past through Leila’s psychic powers. I thought it was very clever to let the readers know more about Vlad that way – it was like a secondary flash-back instead of Vlad actually telling Leila much.

If you like reading paranormal romance, I recommend Twice Tempted without any doubts in my mind that you’ll like it, too. It is not necessary to have read the Night Huntress series, nor the Night Huntress World series in order to follow what is happening, but I think it’s a good idea to read Once Burned first, as it explains a lot about Leila’s powers and how she and Vlad met.

That coppery gaze changed to glowing emerald, visible proof of his inhuman status. “I am not a modern man.”

“You’ll enjoy regretting that.”

Vlad was right. Enemies would come and go and battles would be won or lost, but nothing mattered more than what we had. Everything else was replaceable.

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0 responses to “Review: Twice Tempted (Night Prince #2) – Jeaniene Frost

  1. I loved Twice Tempted too! Leila is so emotionally strong and fights for what she wants and I love her for that. As for Vlad, he was so hilarious in this one, especially his scenes with Leila’s dad. Though I wasn’t a fan of Gretchen, I though she was very immature in the beginning, but I started liking her in the end. Can’t wait for the next book! Fabulous review 🙂
    PS: I loved the Cat & Bones sneak peek for their next book!

    • Thanks Aman, and I agree, Vlad was so funny, and I loved getting to know him better. Leila is a great female lead character as well.

      Cat and Bones will always be my favorites, though 🙂

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