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*I received a free copy of Two Minutes from Selfpublished via Enchantress Design and Promo. This has in no way influenced my voluntary review, which is honest and unbiased *

Review: Two Minutes – Dannika DarkTwo Minutes by Dannika Dark
Series: Seven
Published by Selfpublished on 18 August 2015
Genres: Adult, Paranormal, Romance, Urban Fantasy
Format: eARC
5 Stars

After years of living abroad, Maizy returns home to the only family she’s ever known—a pack of wolves. When she confronts her childhood watchdog to see where they stand, his resentment leaves her uncertain about where she really belongs.

Behind Denver’s charming smile is a tragic past—one that’s made his wolf savage and unpredictable. Only Maizy has been able to tame that darkness, and when they’re reunited after many years apart, he no longer sees a child he once protected. She’s captivating and intelligent—a woman with the world at her fingertips and two suitors offering more than he ever could.

Torn between two worlds, Maizy must choose how her fairy tale ends. Tragedy, murder, passion, and imprisonment all collide with a heart-stopping twist.

Destiny will find you.

Two Minutes is more dramatic than the prior books in the Seven series, because there are some even more serious parts to the plot this time around.

My Two Minutes review:

I always enjoyed Maizy in the Seven series, how she interacted with the shape shifters, and how she and Denver became fast friends, despite their age difference. In Two Minutes, Maizy is all grown up, and she’s been away from her home for several years, studying first elsewhere in the US, then in the UK. Once she comes back, Denver is completely taken aback – at first he doesn’t even recognize her, but thinks she is his blind date for the evening. Because it had been several years since Maizy and Denver had seen each other, their age difference had kind of disappeared, and the strong feelings of loyalty and love between them could possible grow into something more mature, and even stronger.

Because of his past, Denver was definitely fighting his feelings for Maizy, and at the same time, he felt as if she was embarrassed to know him. Two Minutes included all of the wolf pack I have come to know and love, and it was amazing to see their interactions, loyalty and the bond between them all. Of course, there was also something in Maizy’s past, that she wasn’t even aware of, that made her quite intriguing and tempting to one of my least favorite wolves in a neighboring pack. However, that well-kept secret made Two Minutes very interesting, in ways that I had speculated about, but not gotten completely right.

Both the suspense and the romance in Two Minutes were well done, and the overall storyline, the plot and sub-plots as well as the character development made me swoon with pleasure. The humor as well as the dialogues were great, and I loved every second of this book, and look forward to the next one – while at the same time I really don’t want this series to be over. Written in first person past tense from Maizy’s point of view, the story unfolded flawlessly.

Some of my favorite Two Minutes quotes:

“What about the other side?” she suggested.
Denver performed the same maneuver, cramming his hands in godforsaken places that no hand was meant to go. He recovered some Skittles, a toothpick, a few candy wrappers, a broken crayon, and something butt-nasty that looked like an old piece of dried meat.

Why get involved with someone he didn’t feel an immediate connection to? He always managed to find something that turned him off. Maybe it was an unrealistic checklist no woman could match, but they were either too brassy, too conceited, too slutty, too loud, too controlling, or too fake.

There’s something indescribably comforting about coming home, as if a stretch of land and old buildings can somehow wrap you in their familiar embrace. That’s exactly how I felt when I stepped outside the airport and the Texas sun warmed my shoulders like a mother’s touch and said, “Welcome back.” The feeling only intensified the closer I got to home. 

Reading this book contributed to these challenges:

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9 responses to “Review: Two Minutes – Dannika Dark

  1. Lexxie, I can’t thank you enough for introducing me to Dannika Dark. 🙂 I still have to finish the Mageri Series but I went ahead and listened to Seven Years and was thrilled with it. I had some thoughts about Denver and Maizy and it seems I was right on the money…but I still can’t wait to learn about all the other goings on in Two Minutes. I’m so happy you enjoyed it, my dear. Excellent review, as always. **BIG HUGS**

    Bookworm Brandee recently posted: #ShelfLove ~ Best Bookish Gifts
    • I’m so glad you enjoy Ms. Dark’s books as much as I do, Brandee! And yes, I remember that I had some questions about Denver and Maizy as well… there is a lot more going on in Two Minutes, though. I’m sure you’ll enjoy the rest of the Seven series as well.
      *BIG HUGS*

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