Review: All He Ever Dreamed (The Kowalskis #6) – Shannon Stacey

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Warning: This book includes mature content such as: sexual content, and/or drug and/or alcohol use, and/or violence.
Review: All He Ever Dreamed (The Kowalskis #6) – Shannon Stacey
5 Stars

Josh has always viewed Katie as one of the guys, she loves sports as much as he does, and they did grow up together. When Katie's mom gets sick, Katie comes to stay at the lodge, and late one night, Josh and Katie run into each other in the kitchen. Ever since that evening, all Josh can think about is Katie's feminine curves...

Katie has been in love with Josh for as long as she can remember, but she doesn't want to lose their friendship, so she stubbornly won't make the first step! When things get all weird after their kitchen encounter, she finally decides to take fate by the horns and do what she's dreamed of doing for so long.

*I received a free ARC of All He Ever Dreamed from Carina Press via Netgalley in exchange of an honest review*

All He Ever Dreamed is the story about Josh, the youngest Kowalski brother, and Katie who grew up with them – and who is practically one of the guys. She hangs out with the guys during ball games, and is just as good at shouting at the TV as they are. She is the town’s barber, and the one who usually cuts Josh’s hair. When Katie’s mom is sick, and conspiring to get Josh and Katie together, it is decided that Katie should stay a while at the lodge – and that’s when the sparks start flying – even if Josh is doing his best to look at his best friend the way he always has. This proves very difficult, though, when all he can think about is Katies luscious butt encased in a boy-shorts in the dim late-night lights of the kitchen.

Katie realizes that Josh is acting strangely, but at first, she can’t understand why that is – when she does, she decides that she has waited long enough. Even if Josh’s dreams of leaving Whitford will finally become reality. Will it be worth it to give into her feelings if Josh decides to leave anyway? What will happen if she doesn’t? Josh is having more of the same thoughts himself, once he sees Katie as a hot-blooded woman, he can’t unsee it, and he certainly can’t stop thinking about it!

Their qualms about ruining a great friendship is so well done, and I really love stories of best-friends to lovers – which is exactly what All He Ever Dreamed is all about. Josh has never had a choice but to run the family’s snowmobile lodge, but now that his brothers have finally realized that he wants to go out in the world to make his own discoveries as well, they are going to make things work differently than in the past. The big question is: will Josh be happy away from the lodge? Away from Katie now that he knows that she truly is a woman who could be all he ever dreamed of?

As the story unfolds, Josh needs to make sure he does what is right for him, but at the same time, he feels that Katie’s feelings are important as well. His dilemma is quite difficult, and it doesn’t help that everyone in their family is scheming to see what will happen if the two of them do get together.

The writing in All He Ever Dreamed is very well done, I was just as anxious about the outcome as Katie and Josh were, and the hot scenes were so hot I was almost panting while I was reading *wink*. The humor was able to bring some lightness to the scenes that could have been weighted down with heavy emotions, and even if Josh wasn’t my favorite brother when I started reading All He Ever Dreamed, this was my favorite book in the series.

She was as close to a mother as he could have. That meant, of course, that he was thirty years old and still lived with mom. No wonder he had such a hard time scratching that need-a-woman itch.

The other guys cheered and Josh turned back to the game, but Max caught his eye, Crawford jerked his head toward Katie and then made some goofy motion with his eyebrows. Josh gave him a what-the-hell look and focused on the television.

“Fine. Seduce him, use the hell out of him and then send the oversexed, possibly dehydrated husk of him out into the world.”

“The point is, I’m not banging Max Crawford in his torture chamber in the basement so you don’t have to wash Josh’s truck.” “When you put it like that, I guess it does sound a little out of bounds, favor-wise.”

“I was thinking,” she said. “I’d like everybody to dress for Christmas Eve.” “Yeah, met too,” Josh snorted. “Running around naked with lit candles and hot gravy can be a bitch.”

Well, shit. Katie Davis was definitely not just one of the guys.

 “That seems a little anticlimactic.” Katie not talking about climaxes at all would be good.

This had to stop, dammit. If she was going to lose her best friend over sex, it certainly wasn’t going to be because they didn’t have it.


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