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*I received a free copy of The Right Wrong from Selfpublished via Author. This has in no way influenced my voluntary review, which is honest and unbiased *

Warning: This book includes mature content such as: sexual content, and/or drug and/or alcohol use, and/or violence.
Blogger Wife Chat Review ~ The Right Wrong ~ Michelle MankinThe Right Wrong by Michelle Mankin
Series: Once Upon a Rock Star #3
Published by Selfpublished on March 15, 2021
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance
Pages: 341
Format: eARC
Source: Author
4 Stars

Ben Kennedy is a rock star.

Whoever or whatever he wants, he can easily have with just a snap of his talented fingers. He’s rock royalty, a handsome prince with a court of beauties to command. To the outside world, the legendary life he leads seems charmed, but it’s not. Looks can be deceiving.

Sierra Marshall is a single mom. Every day is a challenge as the sole parent to her wonderful five-year-old son Dylan. She’s a busy professional. Her life is complete, only not exactly. Since she had her heart broken as a teenager, a big part of her is asleep. She learned a hard lesson. Now she does her dreaming and dancing alone.

His rock band is going out on tour, and she’s the new manager. His charmed world and her challenging one are about to clash.

He’s a wounded dark knight.

She’s a wronged princess with a broken crown.

Can she heal him?

Can he right her wrongs and repair her crown?

He has private pain. She has secret shame. Can true love conquer all?

The Right Wrong is a modern-day retelling of Sleeping Beauty by New York Times bestselling author Michelle Mankin that will make your heart happy.

Do you believe? In fairytales? In happily ever after? In love?

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Wow. The Right Wrong certainly toyed with my emotions. Both Ben and Sierra had a lot to overcome in order for their romance to blossom. But it did bloom and it did so rather quickly for my tastes but this is a fairytale. 😉

I didn’t really see the parallel to Sleeping Beauty here… even metaphorically 😀 But yeah, there were definitely feels here.

I had to do some thinking on it but I eventually got the parallel…


Ben’s childhood was far from idyllic. I can’t imagine being told – your whole life – that you’d ruined a parent’s life. That you were the reason they were unhappy. It was no wonder Ben drank himself to oblivion and/or buried his feelings in meaningless sex. He didn’t feel worthy of being loved having been treated so poorly and left by the only person who’d shown him any love. I felt that in some ways he had more to overcome that Sierra. But she made him want to be a better person – showed him he was worthy. How did you feel about Ben? And his transformation from rock bad boy to prince?

I want to find Ben’s mom and give her a good telling-to, Brandee! What a terrible person she is. I think he had much more to overcome than Sierra, I mean, apart from one thing, her life was pretty awesome, especially with her brother and her parents always having her and her son’s back.


Sierra had it rough when it came to relationships. Well, she only ever had the one and was betrayed at the highest level so she put her love life on ice. And I can’t say that I blame her. She put all her energy into raising and doing right by her son. Very noble. I admired her for that. Sierra, though, had something Ben didn’t – a loving, supportive family. It wasn’t a shock when she started falling for Ben. Sierra could see his vulnerable side and wanted to shore it up. And he melted her ice. What was your opinion of Sierra?

Yeah, Sierra is a great mom. And she’s also a very strong character, who works hard to achieve her goals. I love that her brother believes in her so, and that her parents have always been at her side to help her. I also found Sierra to be a great friend, but in some ways, I found her to be extremely naïve, too. And that’s something that maybe made me like this story a little less than you did.


Dylan, Sierra’s little boy, was a cutie. He wasn’t purely a plot device which you know I appreciate. He provided insight to Sierra at times and also served as comic relief. Having been raised with strong male role models like Sierra’s brother and father, I also felt Dylan was a good judge of character. I adored all this interactions with Ben because it showed yet another side of Ben. How did you feel about Dylan?

Oh, Dylan was so much more than a plot device. He was fun, smart, cute, and also very loving. He had enough love for everyone around him, and he wasn’t shy about sharing that, either. I think he might be the one person who got Ben to see things from a different perspective. Both because Dylan grew up with his mom – who truly loved him! – and because Dylan was born in a similar circumstance as Ben. But still, his life is very different from Ben’s.


I felt like MMankin did well with character development and growth but I would have appreciated a little more exploration of all Sierra’s ex had perpetrated against her. It would have better explained her refusal to attempt dating. Did you have any areas you’d have liked fleshed out a little more?

Yeah, see, I thought that was something that was glossed over too much, and I wasn’t satisfied at all with how it was resolved. Because yeah, I think things should have been much worse for said ex.

I actually really agree with you on this, wifey. I didn’t like how things were handled, or not handled, when it came to that particular element.


I appreciated the cameos by Marcus Anthony and Avery Jones as well as seeing Mary Timmons. The teasers about Mary and Charles did exactly as they were intended – I certainly hope we eventually get their story.

I loved the Marcus and Avery cameos, and as always, I loved seeing Mary Timmons, too. I really, really need Mary and Charles’ story, and I need it soon!

I also think we need to talk about Dylan’s tutor. I got a bad vibe from her straight away, and I don’t understand why Sierra let her walk all over her – nobody knows a child better than their parent(s)! And it was clear that Dylan had other needs than the ones his tutor was trying to deal with.

I didn’t understand why Sierra couldn’t see how Dylan’s tutor was manipulating her. And I never understood why the tutor was doing so.


Who do you think is up next for this series? Jack?

I almost wish we’d get Charley and Mary before Jack, but I am guessing Jack’s up next anyway 🙂 


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