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Warning: This book includes mature content such as: sexual content, and/or drug and/or alcohol use, and/or violence.
Blogger Wife Chat Review ~ Surrender to Me ~ Nina West #seriesinamonthSurrender to Me by Nina West
Series: The Wolf Hotel #4
Published by Amazon Digital Services on August 29, 2017
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Erotica, Romance
Pages: 382
Format: eBook
Source: Kindle Unlimited
4 Stars

I have battled my family and won. I finally have what I want most—the wickedly sinful Henry Wolf, committed to me and within arm’s reach most nights.
If only it could stay that way.
Because now I find myself caught between two titans vying for the Wolf estate, worth enough to make any man lethal.
What will Henry do to save what he loves?
And do I even fall into that category?

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Holy wow, wifey! Surrender to Me was quite the conclusion for Henry and Abbi. I’ve loved every moment despite some heartache but the finale was perfect.

Yeah, this was definitely an ending that was made for Abbi and Henry! And even with that, I wouldn’t have minded more books about them 😉


I can’t even verbalize how proud I was of Abbi for finally sticking up for herself with her mother. That woman was so manipulative! She did eventually do some growing of her own but I applauded Abbi for respectfully putting her mom in her place. What were your feelings?

Ugh! I actually hated Abbi’s mom in this one. I can’t believe the lengths she went to in order to get her way. Thank goodness Abbi didn’t fall for it – she easily could have.


Okay, the situation with Henry’s dad was awful. That his mother and brother were being so conniving? Dumbfounding. I already hated them a little but they nurtured that little into all-consuming. I was thrilled when all was brought to light and these two were dealt with. How did you feel about them and the trouble they tried to cause?

More easy to understand Henry’s reluctance knowing this about his family, right? I don’t know who I was the most mad at – the mom or the brother… or even Abbi’s mom, even if her manipulations were still on a lower scale. I think the thing with Henry’s family was worse, though, because it was all to do with money and selfishness, not with anything they actually thought was right.


Getting to go back to Alaska – where it all began – was wonderful. It not only enabled Henry and Abbi to revisit where their romance first blossomed but it also highlighted how far they’d come. I’ve said before that this was a journey of self-discovery and it truly was. For them both. It was awe-inspiring to see them both grow emotionally, to accept what they needed in different aspects of their lives, and to learn to love and trust. Sigh. So good. Henry and Abbi had much to overcome to get to where they are at the end. They’re in a place of trust and love… a solid foundation and I felt in Surrender to Me, we saw them each demonstrate that to the other. Your thoughts?

I loved getting them back to Alaska, and at the same time making peace with some of the things that had happened there as well. I think Henry discovered at least as much about himself and his capability to love as Abbi discovered about herself and her capacity to grow and make decisions about her own life 🙂 


Wifey, I was blown away by NWest. This series was well-written with genuine and engaging characters and a compelling story. She threw in twists and turns, kept me guessing at times, but always rooting for these two. The character development was outstanding. Not surprising since NWest is the pen name for KA Tucker. 😉 What was surprising was how sizzlingly HOT the sexy times were. *fans face* I want more! You up for buddy reading another series from NWest?!?

Likewise! It was really well-written, and I loved the characters. Plus all the hot scenes were so hot my kindle was smoking. I can’t wait for our next NWest buddy-read 🙂 


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  1. Maureen Bakker

    I definitely need to read this series. It sounds great. And I didn’t know this was a pen name for K.A. Tucker. Now I definitely need to read it!!

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