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Warning: This book includes mature content such as: sexual content, and/or drug and/or alcohol use, and/or violence.
Blogger Wife Chat Review ~ Sweet Mercy ~ Nina WestSweet Mercy by Nina West
Series: Dirty Empire #1
Published by Selfpublished on March 29, 2019
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance
Pages: 256
Format: eBook
Source: Kindle Unlimited
5 Stars

One visit to my father in prison—convicted for a murder he didn’t commit—and I’ve attracted the attention of the last man I’d ever want knowing that I exist.
Gabriel Easton.
Son of an infamous crime boss. Deplorable womanizer. Scoundrel to the core.
Worse, he has figured out how desperate I am to protect my father from brutality behind bars. He has the power to grant that protection, and he has offered it … for a price.
I am to become a “guest” in his mansion, to live with him until he tires of having me around.
I'll do anything for my father, including agree to Gabriel's cruel game. But I won't comply with his every whim and wish.
Not when he taunts me with that ruthless spark in his cold blue eyes.
Not when he requires that I share his bedroom at night.
Unfortunately for me, I think my loathing for him is what he’s enjoying most.
That's fine. By the time I’m through with him, he’ll be crying my name.

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Wowza! There is just something about NWest’s writing that immediately draws me in! Sweet Mercy had me flipping through the pages, completely absorbed in Mercy & Gabriel’s story to the very end.

I felt for and admired Mercy. She’d experienced and endured so much but she didn’t let it beat her. She’s spirited and feisty and those qualities are good to have when life seems to continually hand you lemons. And then there’s her loyalty. When her dad went to prison she changed her life plans in order to help him. She’d do anything for her dad…which lands her in her current situation. 😉 What did you think about Mercy?

I loved Mercy from the start! There was a certain hopelessness to her, but she truly didn’t let that get to her (too much). She’s smart, feisty, loyal, and she has plans for her dad. 


Gabriel. Oh, Gabriel. He’s an interesting guy. The son of a mob boss, he’s a man who doesn’t want to carry on the family business but certainly doesn’t seem to mind reaping the benefits of the family business. There’s also the power that comes with being who he is and he’s happy to flex that power in order to get to know Mercy. I was happy to see he’s more than what he initially presented to Mercy. I fell for him right along with her. How did you feel about Gabriel?

He’s very interesting for sure. And I can understand spending money he has – even if he knows that the origin of that money is not good at all. At least he’s starting to change a little bit. And he and Caleb both want to be legitimate, so I hope that’s what’s going to happen.


I did think it was interesting that Gabriel chose to strike this unconventional deal with Mercy. I mean, he could have just asked her to date him. But then I suppose he thought he’d be able to get her out of his system rather than Mercy working her way under his skin and into his heart. Of course, it also spoke to how important it was to him that she give him a chance. I wasn’t surprised Mercy accepted Gabriel’s deal. We already knew she’d do anything to help her dad. But I like the fact that this deal they made forced her into giving Gabriel a shot. Mercy has a lot of preconceived notions about who Gabriel is and what he’s like. Their arrangement allows Gabriel to show her that not all her ideas about him are accurate. And those that are, he wants to change…for her. What did you think of their unusual arrangement?

Ha! I though he was a total arse for that, to be honest. But at the same time, I guess he’s just so used to having women throw themselves at him, and he thought he could feel good about helping her at the same way? Their arrangement was unconventional for sure, but at the same time, very hot. And the fact that Gabriel is ready to change things for Mercy already is a good sign, I think.


Sweet Mercy had it all. The plot is compelling. The characters are engaging. The romance is blossoming nice and the sex is smoking HOT! I’m completely invested in these people and I’ve already started book 2. 😉 Your final thoughts?

Oh my gosh! Yes! So very, very hot. I was smiling to myself with the conversation between Gabriel and Caleb at the end of the book – how Gabriel just wants to go legit as soon as possible so he has a fair shot at something real with Mercy. And I’m going to start book 2 right now, too. Thank goodness for Kindle Unlimited, right?

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  1. ailynk

    at least she didn’t really want to change him. I think most Asian based romance will have her trying to change the man into a “better” one… but this one I think is cool

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