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Warning: This book includes mature content such as: sexual content, and/or drug and/or alcohol use, and/or violence.
Blogger Wife Chat Review ~ Stanton Unconditional ~ T.L. Swan #RAREParisStanton Unconditional by T.L. Swan
Series: Stanton #2
Published by Selfpublished on December 14, 2014
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance
Pages: 468
Format: eBook
Source: Kindle Purchase
3 Stars

Unconditional love, does it really exist or is it an urban myth? What does it really mean?
Do you love someone because of their flaws?
Or in spite of them.
And at what point are the conditions more to bear
Than the love is worth.
This is what I’m trying to decipher
This is my story
I’ll let you be the judge.

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I’m not gonna sugar-coat it…Stanton Unconditional tried my patience a good bit. The drama! I just wanted Natasha and Joshua to grow up a bit!

Yeah, I did so many eye-rolls while reading Stanton Unconditional it’s almost weird my eyes could continue down the pages. They were both acting like brats, and I didn’t like either of them. And again, Natasha lashed out instead of hearing Josh out. It got on my last nerve.

I agree!!!


I think at this point I should comment on the fabulous secondary cast Swan created. Adrian, Max, Ben, Bridget and Abbie, and Cameron ALL add so much depth to the story. Cameron had to work a little to win his place back in my good graces but he was a gem at the hospital with Natasha. The girls and Adrian particularly added a lot of comic relief and that’s a boon considering all the drama between Natasha and Josh. How do y’all feel about the secondary characters?

Thank goodness for the secondary character? If not for them, I don’t think I would have continued reading, frankly. And I loved how fleshed out and real they were. Plus, in some places, they were not only comic relief, but a much needed voice of reason.

I love them all. Swan did such character building in the short time and allowed the reader to feel like we’ve known them for years. They are all their own which I love, and although they are all different “types” of people, they all adore each other.


There’s an element of suspense in the overarching plot – who is messing with Natasha and Josh? There seems to be some obvious suspects but I don’t know if things will be that easy. Do y’all have it worked out or are you like me – still guessing? Do you like that Swan added the suspense?

I am a huge fan of suspense in romance novels, so I did like that Swan added the suspense in Stanton Unconditional. I didn’t have it all worked out, but I had my suspicions. Of course, that just meant I had to continue reading, right?

When I was reading I thought I had it all figured out but I was oh so wrong! I did love the suspense. It was a great addition to the story.


What did y’all think about Josh reading Natasha’s diaries? In a way, I was upset because it was an invasion of her privacy. But it did accomplish a lot by helping him to understand some of Natasha’s actions/motives better as well as proving her feelings have always been true. I guess in the end I feel like the positives outweighed the negatives. However, Josh kept saying “no more secrets” and yet he was still keeping some. Of course, Natasha was as well…

I kind of hated him at first for reading her diaries. Even if it helped him understand Natasha better, and for him to see why she had done what she did in the past. You’re right also about how it showed him that her feelings for him never died. Ever. But he didn’t appear to truly believe that – even after reading her inner-most thoughts that she never imagined anyone would read but her.

I’m still not sure what I think about the general subject. I thought at first it was a way to see into Natasha’s head and understand her a little better but in the end…


Josh is definitely a little OTT possessive sometimes. With Max – Natasha’s bodyguard – in particular. I admired Natasha for standing up to Josh for what she wanted and keeping Max on. Then there’s the punching incident. How do y’all feel about this “alpha” trait of Josh’s?

LOL That’s one way to put it, wifey! I don’t understand why he was so against Max! He was truly there for Natasha, and made sure she stayed safe. And this ‘alpha’ trait didn’t really work for me all that well.

Again, this goes back to the 15 year old drama…it was a little much.


Oh! What did y’all think about that one outcome of Josh’s having read Natasha’s diaries? I guess I could appreciate what he was trying to accomplish but come on! There was no way Natasha was going to do it AND there’s no way his sanity would have held had she!

That got another eye-roll from me. Like, really, man? How could you think that was a good idea? She wrote that down as a sounding board for herself. And if she had really wanted to go through with it, she had plenty of opportunities to do so in the past. Come on Josh!

Again, I totally agree!


And again, that ending! I know I already mentioned to you both that I thought it was interesting Cameron’s mind went there. Having the benefit of now having started #3, I get it but…I know it’s hard since both of you have finished #3 but how did you think that was going to go? And what did you think Natasha should have done with the information she had?

I totally understood why Cameron’s mind went there – with the information he had at that moment, it was a logical conclusion. I did find it strange that all these adults didn’t have a little more information about themselves, though… (yeah, I’m vague on purpose!)

I didn’t think it was odd for Cameron to go there with the information he had. Although I didn’t know exactly how it was going to do I did know part of it with my medical background. I thought that Natasha should have revealed her information at the beginning but them that would have affected the some of the plot threads, so…



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12 responses to “Blogger Wife Chat Review ~ Stanton Unconditional ~ T.L. Swan #RAREParis

  1. Sophia Rose

    Oh boy! I do love my suspense and I can totally read a book with great secondary characters and not care much for the primaries, but drama… must be in the right mood to deal with that stuff. 🙂

  2. ailynk

    i am not really sure about this book.. adult genre with childlike character’s.. is hard for me to imagine them being adults with that kind of behaviour. pass

  3. Ok I haven’t read this book, but, tbh, I kind of hate Josh already lol. I don’t think I could forgive a character for reading someone’s diary. I’m big on privacy. And not a fan of alpha males. Weird that the second characters were so great and fleshed out but the main ones were so frustrating! But at last you had those secondary chars to make the book better 🙂

  4. Oh boy, I love it when the secondary characters are amazing, and I don’t really mind not loving the main characters, however a high amount of drama is not my thing lol. I don’t think I’ll be giving this one a go, but I love this post and those little worms for your stars are too freaking adorable.

    • The trilogy ended up being worth the read (our last review will post soon) but I do agree about the drama. The secondary characters made it easy to stay with the series until the main characters made some changes. 😉 Thanks for the compliment on our worms…my older daughter is our “graphic designer”. 😀

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