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Warning: This book includes mature content such as: sexual content, and/or drug and/or alcohol use, and/or violence.
Blogger Wife Chat Review ~ Lady Luck ~ KC CrossLady Luck by J. A. Huss, K.C. Cross
Series: Harem Station #4
Published by Science Future Press on 8 July 2019
Genres: Adult, Romance, Science Fiction
Pages: 348
Format: Kindle
Source: Kindle Purchase
4.5 Stars

Luck knew two things when he left Harem Station months ago.

One. The silver-haired Cygnian Princess Nyleena was still safely frozen away in her cryopod.
And two. There was a good chance she was his soul mate.

He left anyway.

Nyleena is what you might call feisty. Or sassy. Or maybe just… feral. She is wild. Much too wild for Luck’s taste. But now that he’s home there’s no way to deny it.

Like it or not, she is his.

Lucky for him, all Cygnian Princesses have one true weakness. They cannot resist cooking up crazy plans to tackle unsolvable problems. And he’s going to use that irresistible urge to tame her savage spirit.

Nyleena has plans of her own and none of them involve Luck. She is out for blood. All the people who made her life hell will be dealt with, and she’s going to find every single one of them and take them out.

Right after she solves this one last unsolvable problem… how not to fall in love with your soul mate.

Lady Luck is a sexy, hate-fuck of a story about a wild, savage princess, six hot brothers trying to tame her, bad relationship advice from killer sexbots, your favorite evil, but misunderstood, dragonbee bot, and a repentant AI trapped in a sex prison with a succubus.

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Lady Luck upped the suspense a notch or twenty. This series keeps getting better and better. I was excited for Luck’s story and Cross didn’t disappoint. She gave Luck his perfect match in Nyleena and she game just enough clues to have me thinking I might just have some of the answers. Of course, I’m probably wrong. 😉

I loved how the suspense got better, and that while we definitely got answers, we got a lot more questions, too! Ha! I always think I have figured something out, only to realize in the next book that’s not exactly how things were… that’s part of what makes this series so good, though.

I thought it was interesting that Nyleena had such a reputation for being a trouble-making bitch. It made me all the more curious about her. What about you?

I loved Nyleena so much. From the very start, she had girl power down pat, and she didn’t care about what other people thought of her. And yes, her being seen as a trouble-maker definitely made me curious about her.

The soulmate bond between Luck and Nyleena intrigued me since they essentially avoided each other except for their trysts. The other couples didn’t seem as able to ignore the “call”. I also enjoyed the fact that Luck genuinely didn’t like being around Nyleena all that much as first. I didn’t feel it was necessarily a hate-to-love relationship but it was entertaining watching the inevitable. What did you think?

I found that to be interesting about Luck and Nyleena in Lady Luck, it made them stand apart from the other characters in a way. And I loved how they felt more for each other little by littler… the sexual chemistry between them was off the charts from the start – it was everything else that had to happen a little slower, and I loved that.

Luck seemed to start putting a lot of the puzzle pieces together. And it seems he – and Nyleena – play a pivotal role in things. Have you started conjecturing about what it all means and who’s behind everything?

Yeah, they do appear to play a pivotal role in things. Maybe because they’re also very smart, and rather independent? I love how those puzzle pieces fit together, and how more pieces show up at times as well 😉 You know, I still think the same about who’s behind it, but I’m not going to mention that here 😉

The scavenger hunt certainly piqued my curiosity. Especially because it made me wonder what each character knows. In some ways, I wonder if I know more or less after reading Lady Luck. Did you feel the same way?

That was awesome! I don’t think any one character has the whole picture! The boys probably have a big piece each, but because they’ve kept it for themselves, the others have no idea what else is going on. They really need to have a little get together and be more open with each other. We probably know a little bit more, but there’s still a lot we need to learn.

Although I did thoroughly enjoy the romance between Luck and Nyleena, it was the element on the back burner, so to speak. I found it very interesting that Luck was feeling kinda detached from Valor, who’d always been his best friend AND that Nyleena and Lyra were also distance despite having been so close. It made me wonder if that was by design or coincidence. What did you think?

Oh, that’s a very interesting take, wifey! Luck felt detached from Valor because Valor spent so much time with Tray, so that was completely understandable. But yeah, why did they have to be distant? And you’re right about Nyleena and Lyra, of course. And I really don’t think that was all on Nyleena, either. Lyra was rather cryptic in many ways, and she spent a lot of time with Delphi, which was a little strange in some ways. Now, you’ve got me thinking of more things… that we don’t know!

How did you feel about the other possible pieces of the puzzle such as Asshole ALCOR and what we learned about Delphi? Are things becoming clear to you or did Cross muddy the waters?

Asshole ALCOR needs to be taken care of, and I hope that will happen soon! Delphi is still a mystery to me, and I don’t really see where this can go in the future, but we definitely need to know more about her childhood, that’s for sure. I think Cross totally muddied the waters, but I think at least a few things are becoming clear. I could be totally wrong, though 😀 

In her afterword, Cross said that most of our answers are coming in the next book. It can’t get here soon enough – and honestly, it’s coming SOON. 😉 I’m floving this space opera series from Cross so much!

Yeah, I need the next book right now! How are we going to be able to wait until August? I love this space opera series, too, and I have to say Lady Luck made me even more curious about everything that’s going on. There are just so many balls in the air, you know?



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