Weekend Wrap-up #236 – New Car, Interview and more

Posted 5 May, 2018 by Linda @ (un)Conventional Bookworms in Memes, Wrap-up Posts / 58 Comments

Weekend Wrap-up is where I share my new books, as well as what happened here at (un)Conventional Bookviews and elsewhere in the blogoshpere. I’m linking up with the usual suspects, AKA Team Tynga’s Reviews and Caffeinated Reviewer.

STS / BB&B - (un)Conventional bookviews

STS #236

Stacking The Shelves, hosted by Tynga’s Reviews and Reading Reality is all about the latest additions to my library – virtual or actual, with books that are  bought, borrowed, won or ARCs  I will (probably) be reading soon. Without further ado, here’s what I added to my bloated shelves this past week:

ARCs Recieved - (un)Conventional Bookviews - Bought Borrowed and Bagged Stacking the Shelves

Passion Rising cover - (un)Conventional Bookviews - Weekend Wrap-upWhere the Crawdads Sing cover - (un)Conventional Bookviews - Weekend Wrap-upThe Light Over London cover - (un)Conventional Bookviews - Weekend Wrap-up

The Sunday Post - (un)Conventional Bookviews

The Sunday Post #186 – Weekend Wrap-up

Kim @ The Caffeinated Reviewer, is our hostess with the mostest for the weekly Sunday Post where I’m wrapping things up. It is the perfect opportunity to share what happened here on my own blog, as well as some of the happenings elsewhere in the Blogosphere.


On Wednesday this week, I picked up my new car – it’s a Honda Civic 1.5 Sport Plus, and I absolutely love it. It’s metallic blue, it’s smaller than my old car, and it’s also faster and much prettier. I’m really excited about it 😀

On Friday, I had an interview for a teaching position that’s more like a trainee position – so that I can start my Master’s in Secondary Education. And it went really well. I’ll know more on the 18th.

On Saturday morning, I spent quite a bit of time in the ER, as I had really violent stomach pain during the night, and it continued in the morning. When I got there, they actually gave me an ECG at first, because I didn’t have any other symptoms than severe pain. Luckily, my heart is in good shape, but I have gastritis. Probably due to stress. So here’s me relaxing this weekend. Which means that I don’t really have any pictures of Hercules and Freddy to share with you – sorry 🙁

This Week's Posts - (un)Conventional Bookviews - Sunday post wrap-up

This Week's Reviews - (un)Conventional Bookviews - Sunday post wrap-up



Did you get some good books last week? What have you been up to this past week? Thanks for stopping by, I hope you’re enjoying your weekend, and that next week will be filled with awesome!

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58 responses to “Weekend Wrap-up #236 – New Car, Interview and more

  1. Oh no! Glad you’re relatively okay! That’s never fun! But yay on the new car! So cool! I have a Civic over here as well, it’s 6 years old now (though I’ve only had it for 5) but totally paid off so I am happy to not have that car payment anymore! Lol! Love the color too!

    Nice new reads! Totally new to me ones but I hope you will love them! Hope you feel better soon too!

    My STS will be up tomorrow, so stop by then if you can!

    Have a GREAT day!

    Old Follower 🙂

    • Thank you, Jessica! I feel much better now with the medicine, but I guess I need to be more careful with stress, and getting enough sleep.
      Civic is such a great car. And I was so happy to get rid of my much bigger car.
      Have a great weekend.

  2. I love the car-congrats!! Very pretty blue! I have stomach issues also but I take an acid reducer, which helps! Good luck with the position, I hope you get it!!

  3. I hope your stomach is feeling better, Lexxie. That’s rubbish! 🙁 Your new car is stunning. My fingers are crossed for you for the job. Make sure you have a lovely, relaxing weekend.

  4. Very sporty and cute! Hope you enjoy the way it drives. I don’t know much about the Honda’s.

    Oh man, I hope you feel better. Stress will definitely do that to you. Crossing my fingers for your interview. My hubby has an interview next week for a job he thinks looks more interesting than what he’s been doing.

    Take care for next week, Lexxie!

  5. That’s a really nice car! Congratulations and I hope you will drive it in the most beautiful places!

    I think we can survive with no pictures of the cuties for one week, take the time to relax and get better!

    Fingers crossed for the job!

    Andreea recently posted: The Weekend Post #18: I Am Messy!
  6. Ooh, congrats on the car! I LOVE that cover, metallic blue has always been a fave. Sorry to hear about the stomach pain though- hope you feel better this weekend. 🙂

    Good luck with the position!!!

  7. Ohh nice car, I love blue ones but specially more pale like aqua/turquoise ..
    Good Luck!! I hope you’ll get the job xx

    My reading this month is going really well !! I’ve been reading every nights, and although I only started on April 30st, i’m already halfway in my book !!! A fantasy, which I basically never pick up as i’m scared my brain wont follow ?But this one , omg I love it! HeavenWard by Olga gibbs, which was one of my review request – so not regretting choosing to try that out, what a miss this one would had been.

    Basically the “Sweet thing” of this year and the book i’ll probably end up screaming about until the next one I find, hhaha

  8. I like the car – such a nice blue. I hope you are feeling better. Ending up in the emergency room can’t have been any fun!

  9. Oh, I like the new car!
    Gastritis is NO fun at all. I had it early in the new year and it was stress related. It took a few while to clear up but the doc gave me some meds which lessened the symptoms which was excellent!
    Fingers crossed for a speedy recovery and a good outcome for the Masters application!

    Nicci @ Sunny Buzzy Books recently posted: Weekly Update #10
  10. Congrats on the new car! I love the color.
    Sorry to hear about your tummy. I have IBS so I have something going on all the time. Stress makes it worse. You need to relax, why not read a few books 😉 lol
    Fingers crossed for your interview and for you to start your Masters! So very excited for you! 🙂

    Have a great week, Lexxie! Happy Reading! Miss you lots and lots! ox

    Michelle@Because Reading recently posted: I’m Back but taking it slow~ WIR & SP
  11. The new car is such a lovely colour and very pretty – no wonder you’re so excited about it:)). Sorry about the gastritis and I hope you manage to relax and properly put your feet up this week-end, Lexxie. Fingers crossed for the job…

  12. Welcome to the Stress Club 🙁 I don’t have it, but I had episodes in which I had chest pain and a constant feeling of nausea. It was horrible. Now I only get this kind of symptoms when I’m on my period (which—if I didn’t like before—I definitely loathe now!).
    Nice ride!! Too bad that we’re so far apart, would’ve love to go for a spin (with you driving, of course, as I don’t). 🙂

    Fran @ Mind Reader 2.0 recently posted: The Goodnight Kiss by Jennifer L. Hart
  13. Welcome (NOT) to the super-hated gastritis world . . . For me it started four years ago, when it gave me two panic attacks in a row one night and it simulated a heart attack. I got SO scared that it started to get worse because, of course, anxiety doesn’t help in this at all. Doctor diagnosed gastritis right away, and suggested to revise my lifestyle because I gotta try to avoid stress. If only, right? *sigh* Anyway, there are a few things that help, but sometimes I have to take some meds (like in the past couple of days). I hate it with a passion :'( Sending you a BIG hug and fingers crossed you don’t have any other awful episodes to go through!

    P.S. Love the new car! x

    Silvia recently posted: Me Before Darkest Sins . . .
  14. Nice new ride! It *looks* fast. And the color is beautiful!

    Crossing my fingers for you for the trainee position.

    I’m glad it’s “only” gastritis. I have it too, it comes and goes. Did they suggest for you to have a gastroscopy done? In most cases a type of bacteria (helicobacter pylori) is responsible for gastritis and it can be treated. Just a heads up to ask your GP, maybe.

    Have a great week, Lexxie!

  15. Sorry about the stress and pain. Take care of yourself. I’m glad you like the new car. I traded in my mini-van for a Chevy Volt in January and it’s the same color. I’ve only gotten gas 3 times since Jan 1. Both for longer trips. Mostly I run on electric; i plug in every night and can go about 50 miles on the electric. I miss all the space in the minivan tho. I’m doing sort/throw over the next couple months and Ill miss the space for hauling stuff to Goodwill or recycle. Anne – Books of My Heart

    Northwoman recently posted: Audio: Legs by Kelly Siskind
  16. Congrats on the new car, how exciting! I’m so sorry to hear about your trip to the ER, though. I hope a quiet weekend has helped with the pain and that your stomach is feeling better 🙂

    JJ @ This Dark Material recently posted: sunday post #17
  17. Except fo your ER trip (I hope you’re doing much better), you had an exciting week! Good luck on that teaching position & did you name your new baby?

  18. Pretty blue car!
    I’m sorry to hear you were not feeling well. I hope you were able to rest and are doing better now.

  19. OMIGOSH, WIFEY!! I’m such a bad wife! I didn’t know you were sick!!! How are you doing now? I hope a relaxing weekend helped. I’m sending you healing thoughts and lots of love, darling!! *smooches* {{{BIG HUGS}}}

    • Don’t worry about it, wifey. I’m all better now – and it was really sudden. The relaxing weekend helped, and I have been much better with getting enough sleep this week. I just needed to slow down a bit.
      Love you too, darling.

  20. Congratulations on the new car! Quite stunning.

    Sorry to hear you are or were under the weather. I hope you are feeling better soon and can be out with the pups. Keeping you in my prayers and sending healing thoughts your direction.

    Xyra recently posted: Grace Visits a Unique Barn

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