Review: The Witch With No Name – Kim Harrison

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Review: The Witch With No Name – Kim HarrisonThe Witch With No Name by Kim Harrison
Series: The Hollows #13
Published by Harper Voyager on 9 September 2014
Genres: Adult, Urban Fantasy
Pages: 512
Format: eARC
Source: Edelweiss
5 Stars

At long last... The final book in the New York Times bestselling Hollows series by Kim Harrison!

Rachel Morgan's come a long way from the clutzy runner of Dead Witch Walking. She's faced vampires and werewolves, banshees, witches, and soul-eating demons. She's crossed worlds, channeled gods, and accepted her place as a day-walking demon. She's lost friends and lovers and family, and an old enemy has become something much more.

But power demands responsibility, and world-changers must always pay a price. That time is now.

To save Ivy's soul and the rest of the living vampires, to keep the demonic ever after and our own world from destruction, Rachel Morgan will risk everything

*I received a free ARC of The Witch With no Name from Harper Voyager via Edelweiss in exchange of an honest review*

The Witch With No Name is simply epic, the perfect ending to my favorite Urban Fantasy series, I was filled with excitement, contentment and, of course, a little sadness as I read the last adventure about Rachel, Jenks, Ivy, Trent, Bis and the other fabulous characters in The Hollows universe that is so beautifully crafted.

My The Witch With No Name review:

I don’t even know where to begin, and how to write a review that isn’t just gushing and fangirling about The Witch With No Name, and the whole Hollows series. So well written, and the characters I love so much fighting the last battles made reading The Witch With No Name so very bittersweet. I wanted to read without stopping even to eat, and at the same time, I wanted this last story to continue on forever. And I feel so utterly satisfied at how things unfolded for everyone. There are no spoilers in my review, so it will certainly be a little vague, but know that I just feel happy and sad at the same time, Rachel is the best heroine with all her flaws and her capability to do what is right even when things are really tough.

The overall story arcs that have been going on since Dead Witch Walking are part of the stories in The Witch With No Name as well, and I am so amazed at the character growth for most of them. The way they have grown up, grown into their power, the friendships, the relationships, the family connections, the love, the hatred, the enemies to fight… It’s all perfectly done, and I actually kind of feel proud of Rachel. Yeah, I know that sounds a little weird, and I know she’s a character in a series I love, but really, she has been through so much heartache, sometimes at the hands of people she loved and trusted, and she still managed to somehow keep her faith in good. Rachel has always been ready to fight, even when it seems more likely than not that she will loose, and that is still the case in The Witch With No Name.

There are quite a few fight scenes, a lot of amazing magic use, demons, vampires, elves all wanting something specific, and Rachel is kind of in the middle of all of it. There are also some truly beautiful and tender love scenes, and my toes are curling just thinking about them. The Witch With No Name managed to completely wow me, and even if I’m sad this was the last story about The Hollows, I am also very happy, satisfied and fulfilled with how it all went down.

I am still waiting with baited breath for the release date, though, because there was no epilogue in my ARC copy, and I can’t wait to see the actual ending, even if I thought this ending was pretty darned perfect. There are so many more things I could say about The Witch With No Name, especially because while I was still in the first chapter, I had already highlighted six passages, and I’m bursting with excitement to discuss this book once everybody has read it!

Some of my favorite The Witch With No Name quotes:

“Oh God,” Jenks moaned. “You’re thinking about him. I can tell. Your aura shifted.” Embarrassed, I halted at the crosswalk, waiting for the light. “It did not.”

“Stop it, Rachel,” I whispered. Nothing was really ending, Jenks, Ivy and I had been through worse. We’d get through this, and everything would return to normal. Better even.

Cormel was frowning, and my stomach clenched. The world was going to change again. I should have worn nicer shoes.

My God, the man might be a business tycoon, but his heart was that of a warlord elf.

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24 responses to “Review: The Witch With No Name – Kim Harrison

    • Oh my goodness, Stormi, it’s just so good. I am still amazed at how well done the overall story-arc and character development is done…
      Thanks for stopping by.

    • Naomi, this is the kind of urban fantasy /paranormal story that you will really enjoy. And now, you can lock yourself in somewhere and read all the books in one go 😉
      Thanks for stopping by.

  1. YES YES YES YES!! SQUEEEEE! Good gracious I’m excited for this one to come out. Thank you so much for writing an awesome review with no spoilers. I’m beyond thrilled to hear you enjoyed it so much and gave it 5 stars. If you’re happy with how everything unfolded, I’m sure that I will be too 😀

    Jaclyn Canada recently posted: Sunday Cover Scramble [82]
    • Jaclyn, you’re the one of the people who got me hooked on The Hollows in the first place – a little over a year ago. And my, what a fantastic ride it has been. And you’re welcome, you know I hate spoilers, too, so I prefer being quite vague rather than spilling the beans for anyone 😉
      You are going to love it too! And I am impatiently waiting for my pre-order to arrive on release day so I can also read the epilogue!
      Thanks for stopping by.

    • Silvia, The Hollows is made of awesome! There’s perfect balance of UF and PNR, there is friendship, romance, intricate politics, fights, powers, magic *sighs* it’s just so good.
      I hope you’ll be able to read it, and that you’ll love it as much as I do!
      Thanks for stopping by.

    • It’s definitely worth picking up again, Red Iza! It’s so well written, and I’m going to miss all these characters so much 🙁
      thanks for stopping by.

  2. Awesome review!! I am soooooo excited for this one! Terribly bummed I can’t see Kim on her last tour for the Hollows–hoping she’ll tour for future books. But I did order this one signed through her bookstore, because I wanted the last book to be absolutely beautiful! B&N puts an annoying emblem on the cover that states signed copy. Which is nice and all, but it’s non-removable! Not good for the bibliophile here!

    But yes, this was my first “adult” series I read probably in my senior year of high school. I accidentally started book 2 without realizing I missed book 1! Took me 100 pages to realize it and then it was back to the bookstore! And things went so much more smoothly after that!

    I’ve cried and laughed and raged with this series! I’ve swooned and melted! I was shocked when the gang knocked over our famous Arch!! LOL! I am beyond excited for this last adventure and yet at the same time, sad to say goodbye to a series that was so memorable and special for me!

    Great review!! I am glad that this one had everything you loved about the series in it! I am looking forward to this myself and may even decline to read many reviews, because as a last book in the series I don’t want to get spoiled! Things happen and people react–Allegiant, I only read like 2 or 3 reviews that were spoiler free before I stopped until I read the book myself.

    So yay! This could be one of the few reviews I read, because when it comes to special books for me, I don’t want other people’s opinions effecting me too much! Again, awesome review and sorry for the long comment! 🙂

    Jessica @ a GREAT read recently posted: It's Monday! What are You Reading?
    • Yeah, I agree, this series is so good, and I’m going to miss my favorite witch, vamp, pixie, elf, werewolf and other characters so much 🙁 But at the same time, this ending is so well done, and they deserve that, you know?

      Spoilers are the devil! I always think it really sucks when people are giving them out on purpose, it truly does spoil a book, and I was so happy I managed to stay away from the Allegiant spoiler until after I had read it.

      Thanks for stopping by, Jessica.

  3. I didn’t read the whole review because I am still planning to read the whole series no matter how long it will to take me to pick it up. But OMG, I can’t help but feel excited with your review. Your love for this series is so palpable that I just want to purchase the first three books from Kobo. TBD is even holding out a big sale for books 1 and 3. But I am still making up my mind which format to buy. Hahahaha.

    Oh, Lexxie, congratulations for finally finishing this series even if this is only an ARC. It’s a very long journey indeed. But the good thing for me is that I can binge-read on this series once I picked up and liked the first book.

    Have a fun vacation! <3333

    Charlotte @ Thoughts and Pens recently posted: Book Review: Wither
    • Charlotte, I only started reading this series last summer, and I breezed through the books already released. And I continued being so amazed by the writing all the way through! I hope you’ll enjoy it as much as I did.

      LOL, you should hurry up and just get the books while they’re still on sale, no matter the format 😉

      Thanks for stopping by, my dear.

    • Brandi, this series is one of my favorite ever. And yes, the characters are wonderful, as are all the stories they’re involved in 🙂
      Thanks for stopping by.

    • Brandee, you’re forgiven for not reading my review, even if it is one of the most vague reviews I have ever written 😉 Are you enjoying the audio? I have the first Hollows book on audio, too, and I should start listening to it. Once classes start again, I might spend my time on the bus listening to books 🙂
      I hope you’re doing well, my dear! I am thinking of you. *BIG HUGS*

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