Review: Thank you for Riding (Strangers on a Train) – Meg Maguire

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Review: Thank you for Riding (Strangers on a Train) – Meg MaguireThank you for Riding by Meg Maguire
Series: Strangers on a Train
Published by Samhain Publisher on 2 April 2013
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance
Pages: 72
Source: Kindle Purchase
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5 Stars

When Caitlin was donating platelets on a Thursday instead of on the weekend, she noticed a very handsome stranger who was also donating. She also noticed that he was a little squeamish with the needle, and smiled to herself at the man looking so strong being afraid of a needle. She quickly averted her eyes, however, thinking about her boyfriend whom she had totally ignored for the past few weeks. Caitlin and her boyfriend both worked for the same finance company, and the weeks before Christmas - sorry! the holiday season! - were the most hectic they had.

Caitlin has big hopes for her company’s holiday party she wants to spend some quality time with her boyfriend, and has even bought him an expensive present. In Thank you for Riding, however, things do not go according to Caitlin’s plans. During the party, her boyfriend dumps her, even if she is wearing a gorgeous dress, and everybody but him has mentioned how good she looks. After a couple of glasses of wine, and the end of the party, Caitlin takes the last train home. And there, she meets the mysterious guy from the Red Cross donation office. And he remembers her just as well as she remembers him.

During their train ride, she manages to tell Mark that her boyfriend dumped her, and he seems to think that is just great – at least for him. Thank you for Riding is about this train ride, and what happens after they change trains and get off at the same stop. They are exchanging phone numbers when they are locked in the tunnel leaving the station, and they can’t get out either way.

It’s cold, Caitlin is wearing a dress that is quite unsuited for the season, and they know they will be stuck there until morning. Getting comfortable on the stairs, helping each other warm up, drinking a bottle of champagne and things get a little bit out of hand. Thank you for Riding is both fun and quirky, and even if the main characters just met, I could totally get into their way of getting warm, if you get my drift. Most of their clothing even stayed on for most of the time 😉

I loved reading about this very unlikely situation, and how Caitlin and Mark made the best out of it. It was as if they both needed hope and romance in their lives, and this surprising night spent in the cold, but together could bring them that. The writing easily led me to where I needed to be, and I was truly delighted by it. I think that what I liked the most was that the place they got stuck was so uncomfortable and cold, but they didn’t let it get to them.

Thank you for Riding is the third book in the Strangers on a Train series that I have read, and I need to get the other two I know exist as well! As the story is short, it is great for when I have less time than usual for reading, and I still feel completely satisfied by what I do read. I think these books also are excellent for reading on the beach, because they are quick, hot and very romantic.

The cute guy got distracted as the tech prepped his needle, clamping his eyes shut and turning his face away for the insertion. Aww. Caitlin always watched when they slid her needle in. She thought it was fascinating. Adorable that a grown man who looked like he worked a physical job couldn’t handle the sight. Though, maybe this was his first time.

Why do relationships have to be so much work, anyhow? she wondered as the train rolled up. Or maybe that question merely meant she’d been doing it wrong. Maybe if it felt like work, it wasn’t meant to be.

She laughed – the nae of that place always made her scratch her head. Huh. They’d be getting off at the same stop. Getting off together, her brain repeated with a juvenile snicker.

Another notion to add to her mental checklist of Ways to Molest Mark.

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    • It is all you said it was, Brandee! It is full of hope and romance, and there is a lot of humor as well.

      This is not a series in the ‘normal’ sense either! The only thing they have in common is that there are trains involved. Different authors have written the different books, and I am sure they had a lot of fun coming up with the concept!

      So if you want to start with only one of the books, you can! And they are under 100 pages, too. And you don’t have to read them in a specific order. It’s win all around 😉

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