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Warning: This book includes mature content such as: sexual content, and/or drug and/or alcohol use, and/or violence.
Review: Sweet Dreams – Kristen AshleySweet Dreams Series: Colorado Mountain #2
on 23 April 2011
Pages: 562
5 Stars

She's ready for the ride of her life . . .
Lauren Grahame is looking to reinvent herself. After leaving her cheating husband, Lauren moves to Carnal, Colorado, and gets a job as a waitress in a biker bar called Bubba's. It's a nothing job in a nowhere joint . . . until Tatum Jackson walks in. Lauren has never seen a man with such good looks, muscles, and attitude. But when he insults her, Lauren doesn't want anything to do with him. Too bad for Lauren he's also the bar's part owner and bartender.
When the rough-around-the-edges Tate meets the high-class Lauren, he thinks she won't fit in at Bubba's. Yet there's more to Lauren than meets the eye, and Tate soon sets his mind on claiming her as his own. Before long, the desire burning between them is heating up the cold mountain air. But when violence strikes the town, Tate must reveal a dark secret to Lauren-one that may put an end to their sweet dreams.

Delicious, dangerous, romantic, hot, emotional… I’m pretty sure I could find many more adjectives to describe Sweet Dreams.

Review - (un)Conventional Bookviews

I don’t even know where to start without squeeing about Sweet Dreams! Lauren was so lost until she arrived in Carnal, and even then, it took her a while to start finding herself again. And Tate… *shakes head*… *sighs*… Tate was definitely something. Book boyfriend deluxe comes to mind as a way to describe him. I loved that both Lauren and Tate were over 40. That they had lived their lives a bit before meeting each other. And that they really didn’t get along when they first met. And there was so much going on in this story, too.

Lauren had been aimlessly driving around the United States for months after her divorce was final, she had found out her husband had carried on an affair with her best friend for five years. And all she could think about was getting away from her fake life in suburbia and stop thinking she was anything special. Sweet Dreams showed me early on that she was special, though, but she had almost given up on believing that with all she had been through. Once things settled for Lauren a bit, though, she felt right at home in Carnal, making new friends everywhere in town. She was also very popular with the male population, much to Tate’s distress.

There were many things I loved about Sweet Dreams, and the way Tate had Lauren’s back from the first time they got together was one of my favorites! Lauren’s arse of an ex deserved a smack-down, and at least Tate was able to give him a few verbal ones… And Lauren managed to as well, when said ex came to Carnal trying (very lamely, I might add) to get her back. There was quite a bit of suspense here, too, with a serial killer on the lose, killing only women, and mostly those who could be seen as ‘loose’. It became more and more tense as it seemed the killer moved in closer and closer to the people close to Lauren and Tate in Carnal.

As always, Ashley tells a solid story, where there is both love and romance, friendship and foes, suspense and extreme hotness. Sweet Dreams is written in third person point of view, from Lauren’s perspective, and there are so many excellent dialogues and one-liners I could write a whole essay using them! I would definitely love to visit those towns in the Colorado Mountains, and I have a standing invitation with my dear blogger-wife… And I totally love how the title really has importance on the story in this series.

Fave Quotes - (un)Conventional Bookviews

I decided I hated her and I didn’t know why. I didn’t know who she was or what was happening. I just knew she had something special and I didn’t and never would and that sucked. It wasn’t a nice thought which was unusual because I was normally a nice person.

But fuck Laurie, it’s good to be home. The words hit my brain, my eyes opened and I saw the room was dark. There was a warm body pressed in behind me, its arm around me, and it wasn’t Wood’s. I was in a hotel in Indianapolis with Tate. I shut my eyes tight. So much for the big bed. We were only using about a quarter of it.

I would figure it out later, in bed, when it woke me up.

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15 responses to “Review: Sweet Dreams – Kristen Ashley

  1. Sounds like a great read Lexxie. A book boyfriend deluxe?? Sounds like I need to read this one. I love books like these where there is lots of Chemistry! And how awesome that there is suspense too?! I’m definitely adding this one to my TBR! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Maureen Beatrice recently posted: My Favorite.. Holiday
  2. I haven’t read Kristen Ashley yet but to hear you (and Geeky does, too) go on about her, I really need to get to ONE of her books!!! Great review! I like the sound of this one b/c I haven’t read many books where the main characters are over 40… wow!!

  3. Beautiful review, wifey. You know I’m just so happy to have introduced you to this series because I adore it so! It’s hard to say which of these books is my fav but this one would certainly make a run for the top spot. I love Tate and Laurie together…I love that they’re older…I love them with Jonas. *sigh* You truly are making me want to revisit the series and I haven’t even read Bounty yet. (that’s up early next month!)
    I hope your week is going well! I miss you fiercely, my dear!!! LOVE & {{{{HUGS}}}

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