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Review ~ Runed ~ Kendall GreyRuned by Kendall Grey
Series: Asgard Awakening #1
Published by Howling Mad Press LLC on March 19, 2019
Genres: Adult, Fantasy, Romance, Urban Fantasy
Pages: 228
Format: Kindle
Source: Kindle Freebie
4 Stars

All’s fair in love and war … And this is war

Family is just the worst. We’ve all got that one cousin who’s a raging turdhammer. My family thinks it’s me: Loki, God of Mischief Extraordinaire. But it’s not. It’s not even Thor, hammer references aside. It’s Odin, the AllDick. Listen, I’m not mad that I woke up in a woman’s body after the apocalypse. These things happen. The problem is, Odin stole my runes. You know, the ones that keep me smart, charming, and oh yeah, immortal.

With the AllDick cockblocking my every move, a frenemy chicken interfering in my biz, and the strange, delicious feelings this new body has for the knight-in-modern armor who keeps coming to my rescue, I’ll need every weapon in my war chest (which is bodaciously big—gods, how do you ladies sleep on these things?) if I’m going to survive.

Although, I’ve never been one for the bare minimum. Why only survive when I can thrive? If Odin thought Ragnarok was bad, he’s in for the ride of his afterlife when he gets a load of the new me.

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Runed was, in a word, ZANY. Another word? FUN! This was the book chosen for reading on the way home from Book Bonanza. My friend, Denise, did some wacky calculation to pick it but I’m so happy we gave it a go. There was lots of laughing. 🙂

Loki – yes, that Loki – awakes buried in snow and ice. His first concern is getting out of said snow and ice. Next order of business? Dealing with the fact he is now a she. Since there seems to be nothing he, er, she can do about the body she now inhabits, she must focus on finding her runes. Yes, those runes that provide intuition, among other things. Most importantly, immortality. She has to find all four to have her Godhood restored.

Runed was a hoot! Loki must learn to deal with a lot and allow others to help him, er, her. Gunnar Magnusson, Huugin the chicken, and Freddie tag along on the mission. Along the way, Loki learns of a television show called Asgard Awakening. The show aids in his realization that Odin, the AllFather, has a hand in what’s going on with Loki. But one of the things that was most entertaining was watching as Loki learns about herself.

Anyway, Runed was so much fun! I enjoyed all the Norse mythology as well as the similarities to Marvel. I delighted in being on this journey with Loki as he looks for his runes, learns about the modern world, and begins to fall for Gunnar Magnusson. I’m eager to move on with this series to see what else Loki has coming as he searches for his runes. And instigates massive amounts of mischief! 😉

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