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Review: Råta – Siri PettersenRåta Series: Ravneringene #2
on 14 October 2014
Pages: 504
4.5 Stars

(personal translation)
Imagine that you're chased in an unknown and foreign world. Without an identity. Without family. Without money. All you have is a hunter, a dead-born, and a dark, impossible knowledge about who you really are.
Hirka is stuck in a dying world, almost torn apart between the hunter, the deadborn and the longing for Rime, the friend she'd give anything to see again. In our urban reality, she's like hunted game. But the fight for survival pales against what will happen when she realizes who she is. The source of the rot has been thirsting for freedom for a thousand years. A freedom only Hirka can give.

Råta showed new facets of Hirka, things she didn’t even know about herself. Her strength was much more than anyone could have anticipated.

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Råta was more intense in some ways than Odinsbarn was. And at the same time, the secondary characters didn’t wow me the same way. They were complex, for sure, but I didn’t care for them the same way. Hirka, however, blew me away. The way she has grown from the beginning of Odinsbarn is nothing short of amazing. The epic-ness of Ravneringene, however,  isn’t as strong here as it was in the first book, and I felt like Råta suffered slightly from second book syndrome.

Part of this may have been because the story was slower paced, and it was set in ‘our’ world, which, you know, isn’t all that 😉 so even with the new discoveries, I wasn’t as enchanted as I was with Odinsbarn.

The writing was still amazing, though, and I found Hirka to be as compelling a heroine as she was before, strong and worthy. Always ready to fight for the greater good, even at the detriment of her own happiness.

Fave Quotes - (un)Conventional Bookviews

Her eyes felt swollen, and she remembered crying. That wasn’t fair. Waking up was supposed to be new. No memories, at least for a little while.

She knew she should be careful, but it all felt so meaningless. What did it matter if one got lost in a city, when one was lost in a world?

Her hands had small wrinkles. As if they had shrunk a bit, without taking the skin with them. It was arresting to watch people age.

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9 responses to “Review: Råta – Siri Pettersen

    • It was very slight, Stephanie 🙂 I just felt like I should mention it, as I was so excited for the first book, and raved everywhere. Råta is still very rave-worthy, even if there were some minor things that appealed to me a little bit less.

  1. It still sounds good with her growing and learning more, but hopefully the next book will really pick up the pace and get exciting again for you.

  2. I’m happy you enjoyed this installment even if it wasn’t a thrilling as the first, Lexxie. You have me very curious about Hirka though. I hope this series is translated to English someday. 🙂

    Love & {{{BIG HUGS}}}

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