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Warning: This book includes mature content such as: sexual content, and/or drug and/or alcohol use, and/or violence.
Review: Love Resolution – Michelle MankinLove Resolution by Michelle Mankin
Series: Brutal Strength #3
Published by Selfpublished on 18 November 2013
Genres: Contemporary, New Adult, Romance
Pages: 344
Format: Kindle
Source: Kindle Purchase
3 Stars

To forgive or not to forgive...

There’s a storm brewing at Black Cat Records and lead singer Marcus Anthony and guitarist Avery Jones are at the center of it.

Brutal Strength is leaving Vancouver and heading out on a big stadium tour with the reprobate rockers from Tempest as their opening act.

Avery is forced to deal with a troubling figure from her past while being pursued by Tempest’s tatted bad boy, Bryan ‘Bullet’ Jackson.

Meanwhile, Marcus must battle his own internal demons as well as this rival for Avery’s affection.

Can Avery and Marcus keep their fairy tale happily ever after together when the prevailing winds of the real world are against them?

Love Resolution showed me all the trouble Avery and Marcus went through, and while I really enjoyed their story, some of it was a bit too much.

My Love Resolution review:

I was so happy when I realized that Love Resolution was going to be a second story featuring Avery and Marcus, as I really fell for both of them in Love Evolution. Of course, there was trouble in paradise, especially because Marcus started being nervous about the tour, the press and how Avery would be able to deal with things. However, instead of sharing his fears with her, he pushed her away, and then became jealous when he saw her dancing with Bryan from their opening band Tempest.

Love Resolution was very well written, and the character development continued to be well done as well. It is definitely just personal to me that I had hoped for one thing and got something a little different. I also think I’d have enjoyed this more if Marcus had been a bit more mature – he was not acting like a rock-star veteran who was used to the press and the groupies, and it was especially hard to see how he wasn’t able to fully trust Avery, who had never done anything to make him doubt her.

Avery had someone from her past show up, and that definitely made her life difficult! She didn’t know if she should let that person in or not, if she would ever to be able to forgive what had happened. When her brother Justin seemed to be more open about this person, Avery had a lot of bad memories flood her, and Marcus wasn’t really there for her to help her through it. Love Resolution did manage to resolve many of the issues the characters had, though, in one way or another. And the overall story of the band, as well as those surrounding the band was a pleasure to partake in.

Written in third person past tense, following both Avery and Marcus and sharing their inner thoughts and feelings with the readers. Some of my good blogger friends loved Love Resolution to pieces, so I do feel like the difficult one, because while I enjoyed the story, I didn’t fall completely in love with it.

Some of my favorite Love Resolution quotes:

She’d never had a lover like Marcus. Not that there had been many before him. Bu she could never have imagined anyone making love to her the way he did. Like it was a physical expression of what he felt inside his soul.

She closed her eyes briefly. “I’m not THAT tired, though,” she said seductively. “I don’t think I could ever be that tired.” You will be, he thought but swept her up in his arms anyway and strode quickly down the hall to the master suite.

She should have been used to people checking out on her when she needed them most. No one ever loved her enough to stay. First, her father after her mom died, then Justin with the drugs, and now Marcus.

Reading this book contributed to these challenges:

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11 responses to “Review: Love Resolution – Michelle Mankin

  1. Too bad it wasn’t finally a bit more. I don’t think I know about the series but I confess that I haven’t read a lot of music based books…

  2. Lekeisha

    I hate when that happens to me; getting something totally different than what you expected. And then, you don’t want to feel like the black sheep because you felt different about it when everyone else loved it. I haven’t read the first book yet, but I think I’ll keep my eye out for it. Great review!

  3. I completely understand what you’re saying about Marcus’ behavior, Lexxie. He should have behaved more like the seasoned star he was. But I also think love can make you irrational – especially in that business. Still, he pissed me off! *ha* I’m just thrilled you have this series a go and found a new author to love. 😀
    Happy Friday, my friend! I’m missing you and am exhausted from work. *ha* But I had time to stop by this morning, so… I hope your Friday has been fabulous so far and continues to be. Did you say we could chat this Sunday? **BIG HUGS**

    • I’m glad Marcus pissed you off as well, Brandee *grins* even if I completely get that yeah, in their business, nothing is really easy. But he had seen in the past that sometimes, things weren’t what they seemed. I binge-read all these books in just a few days, you know, but I spaced my reviews apart because I had so many other books to review. Thank you for introducing me to Mankin!
      Yes, we can definitely chat this Sunday! I miss you lots, too, but now, I’m on vacation!! I had my last class today *happy-dances*
      *BIG HUGS*

  4. I haven’t heard of this series (but I feel like it definitely should have been on my radar – hello, rockstars and romance? Please, sign me up!). I’m sorry you didn’t love this book as much as you would have liked. It’s always difficult giving a series you really enjoy a less-than outstanding review. I don’t know if I’ll be picking up this one, specifically, because love interests pushing each other away drives me mad, but I might look into the previous books! They sound like they were really great 🙂

    Ashtyn @ Wonderlands Reader recently posted: Review: Six of Crows
    • It’s a great series, Ashtyn, and I know several others who really enjoyed this installment, too. You should check it out, because the characters are great, and there’s a lot of music included, song lyrics, and the stage / off-stage parts are amazing.

  5. Sorry this wasn’t a better read for you. I think I actually have one of these books on my Kindle that I had forgotten all about. I need to check. Good, honest review!

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