Next Song I Sing (Next Time Around #1) – Donna McDonald

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Next Song I Sing (Next Time Around #1) – Donna McDonaldNext Song I Sing by Donna McDonald
Series: Next Time Around #1
Published by Selfpublished Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance
Pages: 203
Source: Manic Readers
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4 Stars

Next Song I Sing is a wonderful story about three women who feel the need to start something new after they have been burned in love. This is a touching story, with Chloe feeling insecure because she’s not California thin, blonde or tanned. As Chloe starts flirting with Jasper, with her friends’ approval, she realizes life still has a lot to offer. Love is among those things. As her confidence grows, so does her boldness. Not to mention, it is refreshing to read about mature women who still are ready to give love a go. The truth is that it is also very reassuring to read about them acting the way they probably did in college but with just a touch more confidence and poise than they had back then. The friendship between the three women--Chloe, Emma, and Taylor--is true also. The friends want to help each other to regain their footing in life again. So, this is Chloe's story.

Next Song I Sing is a hilarious, hot and real story about four friends who have been burned in love – but who are ready to try to find happiness once more anyway.

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Chloe has to deal with finding a new job, even if Jasper manages to persuade her to start by being the hotel’s singer. Her beautiful voice and full body bring in happy patrons every night she is performing, and soon, she and Jasper take their new relationship to the next level. They have to fight against two exes. Jasper’s former wife wants to keep him for booty calls, and Chloe’s ex-husband shows up unexpectedly to re-kindle their marriage. When love comes knocking, Chloe is brave enough to go for it, and the ensuing hot sex and romantic moments are so sweet that I really look forward to the next book.

The only thing I didn’t really like in the story is that Chloe’s friends call her a closet slut because she liked dating different men while she was in college. I have never liked the fact that girls or women are depicted as sluts just because they like sex, and I hope this will not be a part of the Next Time Around series. I think romance readers will really enjoy this quick light read well worth the pages it’s printed upon!

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  1. Agreed, I do NOT like it when women are ever depicted as sluts :(BTW- I tagged you for the Versatile Blogger Awardcheck it out at my

  2. Agreed, I do NOT like it when women are ever depicted as sluts :(BTW- I tagged you for the Versatile Blogger Awardcheck it out at my

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