New Release Review ~ Plan B ~ Jana Aston

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Warning: This book includes mature content such as: sexual content, and/or drug and/or alcohol use, and/or violence.
New Release Review ~ Plan B ~ Jana AstonPlan B by Jana Aston
Series: Best Laid Plans #2
Published by Selfpublished on July 2, 2019
Genres: Adult, Comedy, Contemporary, Romance
Pages: 278
Format: eBook
Source: Kindle Purchase
4.5 Stars

Mistakes were made, okay?

The moment I laid eyes on Kyle Kingston I knew he was a mistake. A satisfying, toe curling, hair pulling, best night of my life mistake, but a mistake all the same. I didn’t yet know his name, or who he was, but I knew he was a bad idea.

I take comfort in that, because it means my instincts are still good. Too late, but it’s something. 

Because, FYI, I’m pregnant

… and did I mention my baby daddy is both heir to a retail empire and impossible to get ahold of?

I do what any girl would. I break into his Grandfather’s retirement gala by telling the prissy gatekeeper Kyle’s my fiancé. It was a halfway decent plan at the time, trust me.

But it blows up in my face, disastrously so. You see, Kyle Kingston is all about representing the family values his family’s retail empire was founded on. At least in public. In private- well I’ll tell you about that later.

He proposes – a marriage of convenience.

Convenient for everyone but me, because while I’m falling in love with my convenient husband, he’s keeping a billion-dollar secret. From me.

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I had to wait awhile on Plan B and I can tell you this: it was every bit worth the wait! JAston writes rom-com expertly. She kept me giggle-snorting while flipping through the pages as quickly as I could!

We got a little taste of Daisy in all her crazy-fun glory in Sure Thing, the first book in the Best Laid Plans series. She was wild enough to be pulling a twin switcheroo at her job! I already loved her “live life to its fullest” approach to live so I was eager to get her story. And while Daisy may jump in with both feet before considering the consequences, she’s also smart, loyal, compassionate and responsible…most of the time. 😉 The one time she isn’t…the one time she lets the guy handle the condom…well, she’s paying for that. 😉

Kyle – Daisy’s baby-daddy – is one hard-to-find man. Well, Daisy found him but can’t actually contact him. No numbers, no social media accounts. It’s like he’s some very important yet very private guy. So Daisy takes matters into her own hands and concocts a brilliant plan to “bump into” him. It all goes according to plan…NOT! But Kyle doesn’t seem too bothered.

I really liked Kyle. He was the yin to Daisy’ yang. Where Daisy was chaos, he was even-keel. Watching their romance really blossom was sweet and gut-busting hilarious. I enjoyed the dynamics between Kyle and his family and how easily he inserted Daisy into the mix. And I adored getting the “other side” of Violet’s story as seen through Daisy’s POV. It was all fun and sweet and humorous. Ooh! Also, the whole story is told in dual POV so you get to know Kyle pretty well too!

JAston is Rom-Com genius! She’s never disappointed me so I’ll keep auto-buying her no matter how long I have to wait.

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  1. Sophia Rose

    Looks like you had a good time with this one. I’ve got one of her books on my Kindle. Now, I’m eager for my chance to read it. 🙂

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