#FF Feature and Follow #100

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Feature and Follow - (un)Conventional Bookviews

Feature and Follow #100

YAY it’s Friday! Gain new followers and make new friends with the Book Blogger Feature and Follow! If this is your first time here, welcome! You are about to make some new friends and gain new followers — but you have to know — the point of this hop is to follow other bloggers also. I follow you, you follow me.The Feature and Follow is hosted by TWO hosts, Rachel of Parajunkee’s View and Alison of Alison Can Read. Each host will have their own Feature Blog and this way it’ll allow us to meet more new bloggers!

Have you ever been to BEA? If not, what’s stopping you? If you have, what was your best experience there? – Suggested by The Paperback Princess.

Nope, never been to BEA so far, it’s far to go from Geneva, Switzerland to NYC, for one, and while I really want to go, this year, I’m going to RT in Dallas instead, because my Blogger-bestie, Brandee is going there, and I just really, really want to hang out with her.

What about you, have you been to BEA? Are you planning on going this year? Or maybe you’re coming to RT in Dallas, too?

Thanks for stopping by today, have a fantastic Friday and a wonderful weekend.

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Linda is an English as foreign language teacher and has a Master's degree in English Language and Literature. She's an avid reader, blogger, compulsive one-clicker and a genre omnivore. Ever since she learnt how to read she has been seen with a book or two in her hands everywhere she goes.

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20 responses to “#FF Feature and Follow #100

    • Yup, isn’t that just one of the best things with blogging? Having bookish friends all over the world 😉

      RT is a book convention that is a little bit more party-oriented than BEA, I think, and there are many, many authors participating in different panels every day. Here’s the link if you want to check it out : RT Book convention

      Happy Friday, Claudia.

    • I’m sure you remember how difficult it was (NOT!) for me to switch from BEA to RT, right? As soon as you told me you were planning on Dallas, I changed my mind immediately, and I know we’re going to have a great time!
      In seven weeks, we are there, and it’s getting pretty hard to wait 🙂
      *BIG HUGS*

    • That would be amazing 🙂 I am so looking forward to meeting some of my blogger friends in real life 🙂 Have a great weekend, Tracy 🙂

    • It definitely is a beautiful country, Lizzie, but even so, we usually spend most of our vacations elsewhere 🙂

    • I would love to go to Chicago, I haven’t been there in a very long time! And if you’re going that’s extra incentive, Stormi 😉

    • One day, Lindy, and then we’ll meet for real 🙂 It’s true that it’s expensive to travel, I always put money in my piggy-bank (I save my five francs coins) and that’s money that’s not in anyone’s budget, so it’s all mine 😀
      Have a great weekend!

  1. It would be awesome to go to BEA, but it’s so expensive! Flights from Ireland to the States, particularly to New York, can be really expensive. If I happen to be in the States on holidays, and can do the timings right to match the BEA schedule… Maybe one day! Hope you love the even in Dallas, Lexxie! Have a great weekend 🙂

    Alma @ Journey Through Fiction recently posted: Book Expo America: Have You Gone? - F&F
    • Yeah, international flights have to be planned well in advance… I’m sure I’ll have a lot of fun in Dallas, Alma, meeting Brandee, Berls, Jennifer and others is going to be amazing 🙂

  2. I hadn’t heard of BEA or RT until now. I don’t live close enough to go to RT but I could drive to BEA for a road trip type of deal. Maybe I’ll go some year! Also, love your theme! 🙂

    New follower!

    Cayt recently posted: Feature and Follow Friday #5

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