Weekend Wrap-up #332 – Almost the end of the Schoolyear…

Posted 12 December, 2020 by Linda @ (un)Conventional Bookworms in Memes, Wrap-up Posts / 23 Comments

Weekend Wrap-up is where I share my new books, as well as what happened here at (un)Conventional Bookworms and elsewhere in the blogoshpere. I’m linking up with the usual suspects, AKA Team Tynga’s Reviews and Caffeinated Reviewer.

STS #331

Stacking The Shelves, hosted by Tynga’s Reviews and Reading Reality is all about the latest additions to my library – virtual or actual, with books that are  bought, borrowed, won or ARCs  I will (probably) be reading soon. Without further ado, here’s what I added to my bloated shelves this past week:

If She Says Yes cover - (un)Conventional Bookworms - Weekend Wrap-up

I was very good this week – only one new book. YAY!

The Sunday Post #261 – Weekend Wrap-up

Kim @ The Caffeinated Reviewer, is our hostess with the mostest for the weekly Sunday Post where I’m wrapping things up. It is the perfect opportunity to share what happened here on my own blog, as well as some of the happenings elsewhere in the Blogosphere.

This week was not as busy as the week before, but it was a bit weird, as some of my students had started their exam session, but other students still had classes. So I taught some of the time, and had to sit in on exams making sure nobody was trying to cheat at other times…

It snowed a couple of times this pas week, but it didn’t stick, and today it’s gray and raining on and off. I hope we’ll get a white Christmas, as we do need something nice to look forward to. I’ve ordered an outside fire pit, so that we can maybe have a few friends over during the holidays, but still be outside and social distance so that everyone will be able to stay safe.

My husband and the kids got the tree up this week and decorated it, and it smells lovely, and looks beautiful to boot!

Christmas tree - (un)Conventional Bookworms - Weekend Wrap-up

We also had an eerie sunset one evening, it looked like something was going on, but it was just a play of light and the clouds 🙂

Eerie sunset - (un)Conventional Bookworms - Weekend Wrap-up
Eerie sunset

This Week’s Puppies in Action:

Puppies want a snack - (un)Conventional Bookworms - Weekend Wrap-up
Puppies trying to get a snack 😉
Hercules showing off - (un)Conventional Bookworms - Weekend Wrap-up
Hercules showing off, all comfy on a blanket 🙂
Freddy surveying - (un)Conventional Bookworms - Weekend Wrap-up
Freddy was surveying the garden, looking for the pesky squirrel.

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Did you get some good books last week? What have you been up to this past week? Thanks for stopping by, I hope you’re enjoying your weekend, and that next week will be filled with awesome!




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23 responses to “Weekend Wrap-up #332 – Almost the end of the Schoolyear…

  1. agreatreviewer

    Yay for being good with one book gained! That’s good! Last week I was not so good, this week…it’s somewhere in between! Lol. Glad to hear things are going moderately well with school and such! The tree looks beautiful next to the bookcase! 😉

    Hope you enjoy the new read!

    My StS will be up tomorrow, so stop by then if you can!

    Have a GREAT day!

    Old Follower 🙂

  2. Sophia Rose

    Yes, that would feel off balance with some in exams and some still getting class lectures. Fun idea to have the outdoor party and fire. Your tree looks festive and yes, that sky looks ominous. Love the puppy pictures!

    Have a good weekend, Linda!

    • Yeah, it’s weird. But it is what it is 🙂 I’m watching a Christmas movie with my students next week, and I have created a quiz for them to do afterwards, with prizes and everything 🙂
      Have a good weekend yourself, Sophia Rose 🙂

  3. I hope we get a white Christmas too. And ooh the fire pit sounds nice. That sounds like a perfect way to enjoy the outdoors and be able to visit!

    Love the pics, especially that one of Hercules! :):)

  4. Iza

    Ah, those dogs, so lovely – from a distance at least. The advantage over cats is that your Christmas tree is safe (I hope ?). The outside fire pit is a very good idea, to be able to meet people and still be safe. Love the picture ! Have a great week, bisous 😉

  5. Gayathri Lakshminarayanan

    I love the sunset pic. And I hope you get your wish of White Christmas too. That and the fire pit idea sound so cozy and inviting. Stay safe!

  6. Love the Christmas Tree! I am hoping for a White Christmas but we never get one. We are getting snow this week, which I am not really looking forward to since I hate driving in the snow.

    I am glad your week wasn’t too crazy!

    I hope you have a great week, My friend! Miss you!

  7. Beautiful tree. We will decorate our tree on Christmas morning. No snow here, but it is freezing cold. Schools will have to close next Wednesday and kids are back to home schooling as we go into another lockdown that day. I hope you can have the Christmas you are looking for with your friends and family. We all need a bit cheering up and the comfort of being together with our friends and loved ones while socially distancing and staying safe. Have a wonderful new week, Linda.

  8. A lovely tree, ours will go up Thursday when the kids are done with school, though I’m not sure where we are going to fit it yet.
    I love a fire pit, we use an old wheelbarrow 🙂

    Wishing you a great reading week

  9. Maureen Bakker

    Ah yes.. a white Christmas!! That would be lovely! And we definitely deserve it! This year especially!
    The fire pit sounds like a great idea! And I love your tree.
    Have a great week and happy reading.

  10. Jen

    yea!! Sounds like things are going well. Love the tree. We are supposed to have snow this week, but rain all next week, so no white Christmas most likely.

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