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*I received a free copy of Wicked Kiss from via Netgalley. This has in no way influenced my voluntary review, which is honest and unbiased *

Review: Wicked Kiss – Rebecca ZanettiWicked Kiss Series: Realm Enforcers #4
on 4 July 2017
Pages: 284
4.5 Stars

Working as an informant for the DEA, Victoria Monzelle is used to living on the edge. But she’s not a big fan of getting kidnapped. And definitely not by a bunch of bad boy witches with fancy-colored fire to shoot at people. So when Adam Dunne shows up and claims to be a witch enforcer, she’s not going to put her life in his hands based on his word, no matter how smooth and smart and beautifully Irish his words sound. But on the run from a tribunal of witches, she isn’t going to make it far . . .
Before she knows it, Adam’s word is all that stands between her and execution. Sophisticated, just-gotta-ruffle-him Adam has vowed to make her his one eternal mate, wild and unpredictable as she is—to save her from a sentence of certain death. But Tori isn’t interested in being anyone’s pity date. And if they think she’s unpredictable now, they should see what’s coming next . . .

Wicked Kiss was yet another fast-paced, action-packed romance in the Realm Enforcers series. I loved Tori, and the way she brought Adam to his knees.

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I loved the strength Tori showed throughout Wicked Kiss, even if she put herself in danger at times because of her stubbornness. Adam pushed all her buttons, though, so it really wasn’t difficult to forgive her for some lapses in judgement. The overall Realm Enforcers plot continued with the search for the mastermind behind Appollo, and the suspense was sharp-edged. There was danger everywhere, and Tori needed to learn to use her power, rather than let it use her.

There were more than one show-down, and the last one made me completely breathless. Adam’s fighting skills were awesome, and he didn’t have to fight only for his own life, but Tori’s too.


Tori is human, but an enhanced human who can block electronics and other technological devices (even car motors). Because she’s discovered that there are other species in the world, she has been sentenced to death… unless she mates Adam. Adam is a Coven 9 enforcer, hard as nails, always in control, and a bit stand-offish. At least, that’s what Tori thinks. Characters from prior Realm Enforcers books were present in Wicked Kiss as well, and they were all fleshed out and meshed well with what I already knew of them.

Writing style :

Third person point of view, past tense, showing mostly either Tori’s or Adam’s perspective. However, through the dialogues, other characters got their time to shine (or not) as well.

Feels :

The full spectre of feels in Wicked Kiss. The romance made me mushy, the danger gave me fear, the action made me short of breath… I love this series so much!

Fave Quotes - (un)Conventional Bookviews

So far, the magical world of Ireland sucked eggs. Her dreams of rolling hills, rugged men, and wild adventures had given way to facts that tilted her universe, spun it around, and spiked it headfirst into the ground.

The front doors opened, and grunts sounded. Men fighting. Punches being thrown. The back doors opened, and light flooded inside. She turned just as broad hands grabbed her ankles and dragged her towards the street.

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15 responses to “Review: Wicked Kiss – Rebecca Zanetti

  1. I love this new format of review, Lexxie. So on point and detailed. I’ve been curious about this book especially this author. Lots of readers have mentioned her books, this one in particular. ?❤️

    • I’m glad my new review-format works for you, Geybie! I needed to change things up a bit… and for now, it works for me as well – I can include everything that is important to me, while still not giving away too much .)
      I love Zanetti, I have enjoyed all of the books by her I’ve read so far 🙂

  2. I had a good time with this pair though I had the urge to flick Tori on the ear when she couldn’t keep her mouth shut at times. Adam did need a bit of rattling though so she was just right for that. 🙂

    Nice review, Lexxie, and enjoyed your quote pick.

  3. “The romance made me mushy.” I love when that happens. So many people are telling me to try this author and series. I’m sure I’ll cave and buy the first book. LOL

  4. I really need to try this series. I know it is a spin off a Dark Protectors that I enjoyed. There was a change in narrators (I have no idea if the narrator for this one is good or bad), if it had been Karen White, I probably would’ve started this one already. Glad you’re enjoying this series. I guess I need to move this series up my list and give this narrator a try.

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