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Posted 5 December, 2017 by Linda @ (un)Conventional Bookworms in Reviews / 24 Comments

*I received a free copy of Roomies from via Edelweiss. This has in no way influenced my voluntary review, which is honest and unbiased *

Review: Roomies – Christina LaurenRoomies on 5 December 2017
Pages: 368
5 Stars

Roomies was such a tender story, but it still packed a punch! My emotions were all over the place, all the while cheering for Holland!

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(un)Conventionally short:

Unexpected romance, with possibly disastrous results sums up Roomies quite well in my opinion. Holland has gone to a specific subway station to listen to Calvin play. And when she’s attacked and he saves her, then disappears, she wants to help him get the recognition she thinks he deserves. What she didn’t count on was him being an illegal alien, but saving her uncle’s musical makes her choice an easy one. Needless to say, the fact that she’s in love with Calvin from afar makes her choice even easier.

As Calvin and Holland get married, and move in together, their attraction and chemistry is ever present. However, they’re both very careful about not becoming entangled emotionally. Until there is no going back. The drama that ensued was realistic in many ways, and a little over the top in others. However, that did not make me enjoy Roomies any less.

One of the things I loved the most about Roomies was the music, I swear I could hear some of it, and it was beautiful!

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Unsurprisingly, it’s pretty no-frills inside. The walls are lined with old video games, and carved-up tables stand in clusters surrounding the bar.

Calvin’s music gives an aching sense of time passing, the pain of finding love twice in a lifetime, of losing it in intervening years. It’s exactly the way the story needs to unfold through music. It feels nostalgic… I’m already regretting the end.

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24 responses to “Review: Roomies – Christina Lauren

  1. Wow, awesome review. Thanks for sharing. I’m curious about him being an ‘illegal alien’ and how they end up being married. Sounds like a fantastic romance. ?❤️❤️❤️❤️

  2. Something a little different from Christina Lauren, huh? It sounds like a good read, wifey. Humorous and maybe a bit poignant? I’ll have to check out this one at some point. I still have to finish the Beautiful series…and the spinoff! LOL
    I hope you’re having a great week so far! I’m missing you!! {{{BIG HUGS}}}

    • I only read the first book in the Beautiful series, and I didn’t enjoy it. Like, at all! I loved both Dating You / Hating You and this one, though. And I have a copy of their upcoming release waiting on my kindle 😉 Miss you, to! {{{BIG HUGS}}}

  3. I’ve seen this one around but I didn’t know what it was about. Sounds like a good read! I do really love books that have some sort of focus on music. 🙂


  4. I don’t think I’ve read a book where the couple gets married to keep one from being deported. I’ve yet to try Christina Lauren. I did sit in on a panel they were on, in Atlanta this year. They were really funny.

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