#ReadIndie Review: Mr. Match – J.A. Huss

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Warning: This book includes mature content such as: sexual content, and/or drug and/or alcohol use, and/or violence.
#ReadIndie Review: Mr. Match – J.A. HussMr. Match Series: Mister #5
on 7 December 2016
Pages: 372
5 Stars

Oliver Shrike thinks ahead. He likes to make lists and tick off boxes. He plans, he plots, and he’s got everything under control.
Until one day he sees my videos on his dating site. The private erotic videos I make just for him.
When I’m looking at the camera I can practically see his face. Hear the internal arguments. Feel his desire.
Because I’m that kind of woman.
You should delete my videos, Oliver Shrike. It’s your job to keep that dating site on the up and up.
But you don’t, do you?
You watch them. You get off to them. You crave them.
Every week I make a new one with you in mind. I’ve got you addicted to my body, my moans, my secrets.
I’ve hooked you now, Mr. Match. You’ve been in control for way too long and this is where it ends.

Mr. Match is the biggest mindfuck I have ever read, and that is really saying something! On top of that, the romance and the characters were top notch, too!

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Mr. Match finally brought all the loose ends together, but those ends weren’t all neat and nice, oh no, Sir! They were messy. They were filled with lies. They took away some hope. They made people trust each other less. They took no prisoners. But they did clear up everything that needed to be cleared up. WOW what a ride the Mister series has been. Each of the first four books can be read in any order, but this fifth book should definitely be read last – it’s the only one that isn’t completely a stand-alone (apart from if you decide to read only this one, that is). And I know I have said it before, but Huss totally outdid herself with Mr. Match! I think she can be called the Queen of Outdoing Herself from now on.

Oliver Shrike was perfect in the role of Mr. Match, he was quite secretive, but when it came to Katya, he let everything go – at least it looked that way in the beginning. No more being careful, or hiding his feelings once he got to see her again. Katya, on the other hand, she was burning the candle from both ends, and she was not completely honest about anything. I did immediately take a liking to her though, even if I didn’t trust her further than I could throw her – which, admittedly, isn’t very far!

As always, I loved the interactions between all the characters, and those other Misters and their women were very much present for Mr. Match and the final showdown when it came to both the distant past and the last six months. With the mystery and the suspense culminating in an impossible tangle, I felt out of breath when I arrived at the end, and I suspect that was the case for other readers as well.

Well written, suspenseful, HOT, with complex characters and an even more complex plot, Mr. Match was fast paced and the dual point of view worked so well! Because while both Oliver and Katya kept secrets from me, they kept even more from each other, so I was able to at least imagine I could figure out a thing or two (I couldn’t, though). If you enjoy romantic suspense with characters you want more of, this whole series is one you need on your shelves and in your hands.

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Right now I can see ten family members as I look out my office window. My mom, my sister Jasmine, my Uncle Vic, my Uncle Vinn, and my Uncle Vonn are all standing out in front of Sick Boyz, looking up at the sign like it’s the Virgin Mary crying or something.

I return to the present and sigh. Why is she back? I wonder. Why her? Why now? Why me? 

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10 responses to “#ReadIndie Review: Mr. Match – J.A. Huss

  1. I went ahead and read your review despite the fact that I’m at ~55% – I can’t wait to get this finished. Not only because I *need* to know what the hell is going on but also because I *need* to see how Oliver and Katya’s story ends up. Right now, I’m still saying “Um…” Mindfuck, indeed. I’m thrilled that it’s a 5-star, Lexxie. And we’ll chat about it soon!
    Happy Monday, wifey! I hope you’ve been enjoying a marvelous day. It’s still dark here but I can hear the wind. :/ I don’t like the wind. Anyway, enjoy the rest of your day and we’ll talk soon!!
    **LOVE & BIG HUGS**

    • Yeah, complete mindfuck, Brandee! I hope my review was vague enough for you to keep guessing while you finish reading 😉 I loved Oliver and Katya! And all the mindfucks. And the secrets…
      My Monday I OK, I was supposed to meet with my professor today, but woke up with a sore throat and a sinus headache, so I’ve rescheduled for Friday… I need to type, type, type though 😉
      I don’t like the wind either! I hope that will calm down before you need to leave the house. {{{BIG HUGS}}} and love <3

  2. Gosh! I want to read these books ASAP, but the remaining reading schedule I have won’t help me to squeeze this series in until mid 2017. I’ll just have to try my dangest to fit them in. Thanks for the review.

    Leona recently posted: Rusty Nail by Lani Lynn Vale
    • Oliver was everything, Naomi! And in many ways, he reminded me of Spencer, and in others, he was all like his mom 🙂 I think one of the things I loved the most with the Misters was that they were part of the team’s universe, and so, even the characters I hadn’t met yet felt a little bit familiar, and that was so well done!
      And yeah, it was definitely messy 😀

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