Review: The Cowboy Earns a Bride – Cora Seton

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*I received a free copy of The Cowboys Earns a Bride from CrushStar Multimedia LLC via Netgalley. This has in no way influenced my voluntary review, which is honest and unbiased *

Review: The Cowboy Earns a Bride – Cora Seton |
3 Stars

Wedding bells are ringing on the Double-Bar-K and Luke Matheson is determined to make his move on his favorite bridesmaid—sweet, sexy Mia Start. Though she's shared his house for more than two months, she's remained elusive. Luke's ready to cross that divide, and win her love for good.

Mia would give anything to marry Luke, but he won't want her once he knows the truth; she’s four months pregnant with another man’s child. It's time to find a real home—and a real job—so she can raise her baby alone.

When a nosy neighbor exposes Mia’s pregnancy at his brother's wedding, Luke sees his chance to finally get what he wants. He lays claim to the baby—and to Mia—but their happily-ever-after lasts barely a day. When Luke's pride clashes with Mia's need for independence, Mia calls the wedding off.

Can Luke convince her to change her mind? Or will these wedding bells sound the death knell of their relationship?

Both Mia and Luke were acting like spoiled children for a while, but when Mia found her backbone, and Luke understood that she should be his partner and not his princess, The Cowboy Earns a Bride became pretty good!

My The Cowboy Earns a Bride review:

I think that maybe I’ve outgrown The Cowboys of Chance Creek series, because I haven’t been as enchanted with the last two books as I was with the first ones. The Cowboy Earns a Bride felt a little formulaic to me, and I got a little fed-up with the unnecessary drama that surrounded Mia and Luke. The setting is still good, and the friends surrounding the main couple should have made me feel happy to be able to hang out with everyone once more, but I felt mostly meh during a big part of the story.

Written in third person point of view, and it past tense, I got to know what the characters were feeling, even when they were trying to hide behind jokes or feigning to be just fine.  And the writing is just as good as usual, with good characterizations, humor and the beautiful landscape of Chance Creek. The Cowboy Earns a Bride is a quick read, and if you are a fan of the series, you probably will enjoy it more than I did. I think I’m just a little cowboy’ed out for the time being.

Some of my favorite The Cowboy Earns a Bride review:

Luke wasn’t an outgoing man. He was your typical strong, silent cowboy, which sometimes drove Mia around the bend, but when he laughed he gave in to it […]

As he lay awake watching her dream, the tension that had filled him for weeks slowly ebbed away. His focus had been on the wrong thing for a long time.

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4 responses to “Review: The Cowboy Earns a Bride – Cora Seton

  1. I’m sorry you weren’t enamored with this one, Lexxie, and that you seem cowboy’d out. That’s never a good thing to be. 🙂 I can relate to what you’re saying about being annoyed with the drama, and just feeling meh about the story…I get that way sometimes as well. I’ve been feeling that way about NA quite a bit lately. I do hope your current read is much, much more enjoyable!

    Happy Wednesday! I hope your day is going well so far. I have to work today and it’s still cold and snowy so I’m not looking forward to the drive. **BIG HUGS**

    Bookworm Brandee recently posted: **Review ~ Heat Volume 1 ~ Kailin Gow**
    • Yeah, I really think it’s me, though. That I’m a little done with this genre for a while.

      I hope your drive to work went well! Thanks for stopping by, my dear. *BIG HUGS*

    • Yeah, but I think mostly it was just me maybe feeling a little done with cowboys for a while more than anything else. Thanks for stopping by, Iza 🙂

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