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Warning: This book includes mature content such as: sexual content, and/or drug and/or alcohol use, and/or violence.
Review: Cherish Hard – Nalini SinghCherish Hard Series: Hard Play #1
on 14 November 2017
Pages: 372
5 Stars

Sailor Bishop has only one goal for his future – to create a successful landscaping business. No distractions allowed. Then he comes face-to-face and lips-to-lips with a woman who blushes like an innocent… and kisses like pure sin.
Ísa Rain craves a man who will cherish her, aches to create a loving family of her own. Trading steamy kisses with a hot gardener in a parking lot? Not the way to true love. Then a deal with the devil (aka her CEO-mother) makes Ísa a corporate VP for the summer. Her main task? Working closely with a certain hot gardener.
And Sailor Bishop has wickedness on his mind.
As Ísa starts to fall for a man who makes her want to throttle and pounce on him at the same time, she knows she has to choose – play it safe and steady, or risk all her dreams and hope Sailor doesn’t destroy her heart.

Cherish Hard brought me some very down-to-earth characters, they were fiercely loyal, had strong hearts, and were willing to take a big chance in order to have love in their lives.

Review - (un)Conventional Bookviews


Both Sailor and Ìsa had some demons from their past to fight, but Cherish Hard didn’t make that the main thing of their story, and that helped me enjoy them even more. Because they wanted to break with their family’s tradition, Ìsa worked as a teacher, rather than as the VP of her mother’s company. And Sailor gave his landscaping business his all. He would live on nothing but hard work and sweat to make his business a success.

Their first meeting had me melting. Ìsa was at school preparing her summer classes when she saw the gardener outside. And he was hot with a capital ‘H’. Once she left, she managed to not only run into him – but completely out of character, she kissed him silly before leaving when he suggested more and went to clean out the backseat of his truck. There is instant chemistry between them, and Ìsa does her best to refuse giving in to it. Only Sailor is quite stubborn, and his woo-ing technique is original to say the least.

Cherish Hard follows Sailor and Ìsa as they get to know each other, and readers can see how their childhoods have shaped their personalities. They both do want one thing more than to stick it to their past, though, they want love. And a family of their own. And enough of a success to make sure that family will never want for anything.


Sailor’s dad left him, his mom and older brother broke and with nothing when Sailor was five. From then on, he decided he would become successful in life. So successful he could shower his family in riches and with money.

Ìsa grew up utterly alone, as both her parents were too busy building business empires to take care of her. Or make her feel loved. Or show her that she was in any way important to them.

Writing style :

Cherish Hard is written in third person point of view, past tense, with parts showing the inner thoughts of both main characters. Singh has a gift for bringing her characters to life, and I felt like I really knew them, and the punches life gave them were also received by me.

Feels :

Not many authors can make me laugh and swoon in the same sentence, but Singh totally managed that. And she did so more than once. These characters brought out all the feels, and I fell in love alongside them, cried when one of them cried, and laughed when one of them laughed.

Fave Quotes - (un)Conventional Bookviews

“Breathe, breathe, breathe,” she told herself. “It was only a kiss.” A hotly sexual kiss that made her nerve endings sizzle and her thighs clench together in delicious, greedy want. Clearly there was nothing wrong with her hormones.

Oh, he had every intention of seducing Ìsa. First, however, he’d look after her, give her that TLC she needed. Which included a good meal. “Let’s get this food cooking – I don’t want you hungry,” he murmured. “I’ll eat up the rest of you later.” Another shiver He smiled just a little smugly before releasing her to turn on the grill he kept on the balcony.

Reading this book contributed to these challenges:

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10 responses to “Review: Cherish Hard – Nalini Singh

  1. I recently was gifted with the ARC of this book so I plan on picking it up this week. I just love Nalini Singh and I ADORE this family and I can’t wait to read Sailor’s story. And that quote below….I need this book NOW hehe

  2. I wondered about this one. I enjoyed her Rock books and I am still reading her Psi-Changeling books. Sooner or later I am sure I will be trying this one. Thanks for the recommendation!

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