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Warning: This book includes mature content such as: sexual content, and/or drug and/or alcohol use, and/or violence.
Review: Block – J.A. Huss |
5 Stars

Grace @FilthyBlueBird
@VaughnAsher #YouAreCaredFor So the movie star says. But his idea of cared for isn't the same as mine. Obviously a #Douche.

MovieStar @VaughnAsher
@FilthyBlueBird #BehindTheScenesIsMyScene The Blue Bird has trust issues. And tantrum issues. And commitment issues.

Grace @FilthyBlueBird
@VaughnAsher #SaidTheKettleToThePot

MovieStar @VaughnAsher
@FilthyBlueBird #YouAreMine and I won't let you forget it.

Grace @FilthyBlueBird
@VaughnAsher #YouMustShitUnicorns that's how delusional your fairy tale is. #GetAGripOnReality I'm outtie.

MovieStar @VaughnAsher
@FilthyBlueBird You're an #Innie #Sweetheart 🙂 My tongue licked all your #CuteLittleButtons.


Why is he so damn sexy? How will I ever get out from under Asher's thumb if I can't stop thinking about his tongue on my buttons? #HottiesNeedToPlayFair

Block has everything a contemporary romance should have, there’s some mystery, lots of hotness, a character who has a well hidden secret and a movie star who falls in love for the first time.

My Block review:

Well, so far, for each new book in the Social Media series, Ms. Huss has been able to up the ante and get me more and more involved with the characters. Block brings a lot more to Grace especially. It is so easy to understand both her obsession with Vaughn, and her confusion because he seems to be just as obsessed with her. Also, the things about Vaughn that bothered me a little in Follow are all forgotten now. He has shown me a side of himself that makes me think that part of his tough BDSM act is just that – an act. A way to keep people at arm’s length through contracts and legal-language. As if it’s a way for him to protect himself from unbidden scrutiny, since he’s always lived in the spotlight.

Block also shows how important it is to Grace to do a good job at her workplace and how she needs to feel independent. As Vaughn slowly gets under her skin, though, she isn’t sure what to feel. Between annoyed and happy, flattered and a little scared, Vaughn just might be a little too much for her. And the way Vaughn is willing to really do anything to make sure Grace will be there (at least for as long as he wants her) tells me that he isn’t as arrogant as I first thought he was.

As usual, Grace and Vaughn each have their chapters, and being in their heads is awesome. The writing is very good, it’s impossible not to be completely drawn into the characters, their universe, their complex back-stories and the fast-paced plot. If you haven’t started Social Media yet, I only have one question for you: What are you waiting for?

Some of my favorite Block quotes:

I just have to trust in him. Have faith. That when he’s finally done with me, he’ll toss me aside gently and I will walk away with enough pride to keep my head up and my self-worth intact.

This is my life. No matter how hard I try to be normal, no matter how far away I think I am, it’s never far enough. That traditional family I never had is just a dream. My life, for better or worse, is a string of side-show events that prohibits me from having a real relationship.

You lie to yourself, I think. You’re one long string of self-serving lies. I don’t know how you do it, or how you get so many girls to play along. But all your best intentions were nothing but really good deceptions.

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9 responses to “Review: Block – J.A. Huss

    • Oh yes, Huss has such a way with words, Berls. And I’m one of her biggest fans now, also thanks to Brandee 😉 I hope you’ll enjoy all these little gems. Have a great weekend.

    • YAY, Morrighan! I hope you’ll enjoy it. I have loved many of JA Huss’ books so far, she knows how to write sexy, and her characters are very ‘real’!
      Thanks for stopping by.

  1. *sigh* Block was one of my favs in the series, Lexxie. I’m so happy you’re enjoying Grace & Vaughn’s story. Huss is so good at drawing you in and twisting everything around. 🙂 Great review, my dear!

    I hope you had a good weekend. Mine was busy, as usual, with music activities and a doctor appt on Friday (routine). So now I’m catching up. Have a fabulous week!! **BIG HUGS**

    • Yes, I’m happy to be enjoying Grace and Vaughn so much, too, Brandee. Huss definitely knows how to make a character seem like one thing, and then make me completely reassess them!

      My weekend was good, but busy, too. The boys had hockey games, and practice, so they had to be driven places, and we watched the one home-game the youngest one had on Saturday.

      Have a fabulous week yourself, my dear! *BIG HUGS*

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