New Release Review: Let Me Love You – Scarlett Cole

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*I received a free copy of Let Me Love You from via ARC Publisher. This has in no way influenced my voluntary review, which is honest and unbiased *

Warning: This book includes mature content such as: sexual content, and/or drug and/or alcohol use, and/or violence.
New Release Review: Let Me Love You – Scarlett ColeLet Me Love You by Scarlett Cole
Series: Excess All Areas #5
on 30 August 2022
Genres: Contemporary, Romance
Pages: 338
Format: eARC
Source: ARC Publisher
4 Stars

The wedding plans are underway, and the Save the Date cards are sent. If only the man she was marrying was the man she loved with all her heart.
Being a contemporary woman in a traditional faith requires compromise. Being in love with her best friend, Sad Fridays’ guitarist Ben King, the man who saved her years ago, is agony. It’s official. He has ruined her for all other men.
He’s never fallen off the stage while drunk, until the Save The Date card lands on his door mat.
Despite loving Chaya forever, her father made it crystal clear. Ben will never be the one for his daughter.
Now she’s marrying another man, and Ben is beginning to wonder just when Chaya will realise it’s him she should be saying I do to.
When tragedy reunites them, Chaya is caught between her fiancé and her love. And it’s up to Ben to fight for Chaya or let her go forever.

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Let Me Love You – or how best friends can lose touch before they can ever become lovers…

Let Me Love You is Chaya and Ben’s story (<i>finally!! </i>) 🙂

These characters have been best friends forever, and everybody but them realized that there was more than friendship to their relationship. It’s not meant to be, though. Because Chaya knows she wants to stay true to her religion, and thus marry someone of the same faith. That can never be Ben. As Chaya meets a man who is her ideal man in all ways, she and Ben grow apart. It seems that nothing can bring them back together.

Then, someone close to them both has a health problem, and somehow, they start thinking of all the ‘what ifs’ that exist between them. Chaya realizes that there are some compromises that shouldn’t be made, and Ben decides that love should conquer all.

I enjoyed this last installment in Excell All Areas, both because I’ve loved Ben and Chaya since the first time I met them, and because it was so nice to see all the other band members and their significant others once more. I also liked that the biggest conflict here was within one of the protagonists. Having a moral dilemma can sometimes be much more difficult than having a conflict with someone outside ourselves. It’s easier to avoid a person than it is to try to deal with our own contradicting thoughs.

Cole has managed to finish this series to my full satisfaction, and I already look forward to reading the whole series all over again.





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