Giveaway, Blogtour and Review: Going Nowhere (Twenty-Something #1) – K.M. Galvin

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Giveaway, Blogtour and Review: Going Nowhere (Twenty-Something #1) - K.M. Galvin

Warning: This book includes mature content such as: sexual content, and/or drug and/or alcohol use, and/or violence.
Giveaway, Blogtour and Review: Going Nowhere (Twenty-Something #1) – K.M. GalvinGoing Nowhere by K.M. Galvin
Series: Twenty-Something #1
Published by Selfpublished on 7 January 2014
Genres: Contemporary, New Adult, Romance
Pages: 252
Format: eARC
Source: IFB Blogtours

3 Stars

Marisol Finnegan has done everything right to ensure that when she graduated college she'd have the kickass life she always wanted. That's what we're told right? A + B = C? Yeah, well sometimes C is being a twenty-four year old virgin moving home with your parents.

So not ideal.

Before entering this tragically pathetic phase of her life, Marisol stops at a bar for a drink. It's here where her life really changes when she meets her catalyst...Jason Scott.

After everything you've ever done has backfired and you no longer trust yourself how are you able to navigate a relationship? How do you even begin to love yourself let alone someone else?

*I received a free ARC of Going Nowhere from Itching For Books Blogtours in exchange of an honest review*

Going Nowhere is a quick contemporary New Adult romance, in which Marisol finds herself at a crossroads once she graduates from college with no job in sight, while her friends are leaving to better things, and she realizes the only thing left for her to do is to move back home to her parents. Driving home with all her worldly possessions in her car, she drives past her parents’ house at first, deciding she needs a drink before she becomes their child once more. The bartender asks for her ID before he agrees to serve her, and in the end, she leaves without having her driver’s license back – but no way is she going back in there to feel more awkward than she already is.

For a while, Marisol is in a complete funk, not even getting out of bed most days because she’s so depressed about her degree but no job. Until she first goes back to the bar to get her driver’s license back – and the bartender ends up being quite good-looking and funny, and he also offers her a job looking after his nephew. Little by little, Marisol leaves her self-imposed shell, and she gets to know Jason a lot better – and even if she kind hide the fact that she’s attracted to him, she’s sure he’s all wrong for her.

Filled with tension, humor and friendship. Going Nowhere shows that Marisol still does have choices, and that having a degree is important, even if it didn’t automatically land her a job straight out of college. Learning to actually live – after years of only thinking about her grades and what comes next for school – and also to trust, have fun and maybe even love, Marisol grows a lot, and she really needed that, too.

At the beginning of Gong Nowhere, I did feel a little sorry for her because she had to move back home, but at the same time, I was frustrated because she didn’t do very much to change her situation. Also, in many ways, she was lucky because her parents actually let her move back in instead of telling her she had to take care of herself from now on – being 24 and having finished college should be able to help her find a job, even if it was nothing she thought she would be doing during the time she was still studying.

The relationship between Jason and Marisol is very tentative, and they both have a lot of trust issues – which made it a little hard for me to completely connect with them, even if I could understand their reasons as I got to know them better. Going Nowhere shows that even the best plans might back-fire, and that it’s important to share thoughts and feelings with close friends and family in order to sort out what to do next.

In my ARC, there were quite a few spelling mistakes and grammatical errors, but I know the author has changed this in the newest kindle version, and while it did distract me from the story a little bit, I still give Going Nowhere three stars, because the story itself, and the character development is very well done, and I enjoyed reading about Marisol who just needed to find out what to do with herself when both plan A and plan B ended up not working at all the way she thought they would.

If you are looking for a cute contemporary romance that will make you smile a lot, wince a little and feel the love, you should pick up Going Nowhere and enjoy a few hours of a quiet, nicely paced story.

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In other words, I barely lived the college experience. I can’t even remember what I was working towards. I chose history to major in because I liked it. I got my master’s in public history because I loved museums. I loved the stories and there is safety in studying the past. My sister would point out that this is a sign of me being afraid of the future.

Though we were complete opposites, she still got me. So she knew not to push all the lovey-dovey crap.

Whenever I read any romance books or watched a movie where the guy called the girl “baby”, I always scoffed. I thought it was kind of degrading and wierd, never understanding why other girls lapped that shit up. But, boy, did I get it now.

About K.M. Galvin:
K.M. “Kelsie” Galvin grew up in the South with Yankee parents, which made for a very confusing accent. She loves music, books, blogging (Hola from Page Trotters!), Game of Thrones and coffee. Going Nowhere is her first book.
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    • Heh, Carmel. Yeah, I guess I don’t sound all that enthusiastic, eh? I think it would be a good summer read, when you’re outside somewhere warm, and you have a couple of hours to read before you do something else…

      Thanks for stopping by.

  1. I think I would be able to relate to this. I did have a short patch post college similar to what Marisol went through. It’s no fun and really put a dampen on one’s confidence and stuff. Looks like it was an amazing experience for Marisol though, sounds like she really grew because of it.

  2. It sounds pretty good, Lexxie. It seems that maybe it isn’t quite a deep read but light reads are good too. ๐Ÿ˜‰ I see where you would have had trouble connecting with Marisol and Jason. And I agree with you that Marisol was lucky her parents let her come home. Great review, my dear!

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