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*I received a free copy of Pretty Thing from Science Future Press via . This has in no way influenced my voluntary review, which is honest and unbiased *

Warning: This book includes mature content such as: sexual content, and/or drug and/or alcohol use, and/or violence.
Blogger Wife Chat Review: Pretty Thing – J. A. HussPretty Thing by J. A. Huss
Published by Science Future Press on 15 April 2019
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance
Format: eARC
3.5 Stars

My best friend made damn sure I knew the rules. His sister was strictly off limits.
Growing up it was always the three of us. Me, my twin brother, Kyle, and our best friend, Aiden. We were inseparable all the way through high school.
Did I picture myself with Aiden from the first moment I laid eyes on him back when we were eight? Hell. Yes. I fell in love with his soul that day. But he was always more Kyle’s friend than mine. And Kyle made damn sure we both know the rules.
I was strictly off limits. Forever.
But now Kyle is gone. Dead from a freak accident. And Aiden is still here. Looking hot as hell in his grown-up body. Looking sexy AF with those tattoos all over his muscular chest. Sad and in need of comfort. Just like me.
Every time Kyle caught me lusting after his twin sister, Kali, he reminded me of the rule. “You were my friend first.”
If you want to get technical about it, I was Kali’s friend first, not Kyle’s. But that’s not how he saw it. One rule. That’s all we had between us. Just one. Stay away from my sister.
All these years I’ve honored that. I never broke his trust. Until now. Because he’s dead. He left us. And being with Kali is the only thing that makes the pain go away.
I want Kali. I want to marry her, and have kids with her, and keep her in my bed forever.
But I want Kyle’s blessing too. And that’s something I’ll never get.

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Pretty Thing is not typical JA Huss in that there isn’t any real mind-twisting or conspiracy theorizing or nail-biting suspense. However, it was a solid and sweet story.

I agree, it was very different, and also very sweet… Since I didn’t expect sweet, I had a little bit of difficulty entering the story at first, even.


I know we both felt a little “lost” in Pretty Thing, wifey, because it wasn’t exactly what we’ve come to expect from Huss. I admit to trying to “figure it out” early on since that’s what I’m typically doing when I read her but I wasn’t disappointed that those elements weren’t there. The story worked as it is, I think. Were you disappointed?

LOL! There wasn’t really anything to figure out here, was there? I wasn’t disappointed with that, per se. A little surprised – definitely. But as you said, the story was solid, so it was still good.


There wasn’t as strong of a connection with Kali and Aiden as I’m used to having with Huss characters and I’ve been pondering why. Here’s what I think: There’s not as much character development in this story. Kali and Aiden kinda are who they are already. We see glimpses of what they were like growing up and how that shaped them but for the most part, this is a small window of time where they’re dealing with a tragedy as well as the feelings they have for one another. What’s your take?

You’re right. There wasn’t much character development, and I had trouble connecting with both Kali and Aiden. On top of that, there hardly were any other characters present in the story – so it was just the two of them, or their thoughts on things, and that’s it. They were also both very open to the fact that they had been apart for so long, but still felt that they knew each other. While also realizing that they didn’t really know the adults they had become.


I don’t mind that there wasn’t as much character development because in this case it kinda worked with the story. However, I wouldn’t have minded exploring Kali and Aiden more deeply. Especially Kali and her reasons for having moved away and stayed away. She made comments about not knowing who she was anymore and I realize circumstances allowed for her to get in touch with the real her but I’d have liked to know more about why she’d lost herself in the first place. You?

Yes! I still don’t understand why Kali went home so seldom, and why nobody from home came to visit her. She only lived a couple of hours away, after all. And her friends and family could have made an effort, too. 


The Dead Notes app was an interesting plot device. And I liked how Huss incorporated it. Yes, maybe it was a little morbid but then I appreciated how Kyle made use of it. I think it helped his family and Aiden cope. What did you think of it?

I did actually enjoy the Dead Notes app quite a bit… and I’m actually wondering if there isn’t something like that that exists for real. Or maybe that was leaving letters for loved ones? I’m not sure. It definitely helped them in the long run – but just after the reading of the will, it almost felt a little bit cruel. Also – who has the time to actually sit down and record messages to people for after they die? I hardly have the time to chat with the people I love when I want to – leaving them messages for when I’m no longer here probably wouldn’t work for me.


So Pretty Thing was your average Huss story. But it was solid and well-written. I liked it overall despite the few things I missed. It was sweet. Not a word I ever expected to use to describe a Huss story. LOL But it was sweet…and hot. And a satisfying read after accepting it wasn’t standard Huss-fare. Your final thoughts?

I had forgotten that she said it was going to be different, but I was satisfied even if I wasn’t wow’ed. LOL sweet is not a word I thought I’d ever use to describe a Huss story either, but there you go, wifey. I’m glad we both enjoyed it, and I’m curious about her other upcoming books – will they be sweeter, too, or will she insert some darkness? I think that is what I’m going to ask myself the next time I pick up one of her new books now.




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12 responses to “Blogger Wife Chat Review: Pretty Thing – J. A. Huss

  1. Great book discussion Lexxie and Brandee. I haven’t read J.A. Huss, but I can see how it would be a little unsettling when an author veers off from their usual storytelling style. This story does sound sweet and hot, and I’m glad you both enjoyed it, despite it not having that Wow factor!

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