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*I received a free copy of Croc's Return from Tantor Media via Tantor Media. This has in no way influenced my voluntary review, which is honest and unbiased *

Audioreview: Croc’s Return – Eve LanglaisCroc's Return by Eve Langlais
Narrator: Chandra Skyve
Series: Bitten Point #1
Published by Tantor Media on 26 January 2016
Genres: Adult, Paranormal, Romance
Length: 6h, 17m
Format: AudioARC
Source: Tantor Media
4 Stars

Take one deadly bite and, bam, a man's life is changed forever, or so Caleb discovers when a loss of control leads to him joining the military and leaving everything behind. Now that he's back, making amends is harder than expected. His ex-girlfriend, Renny, is not interested in excuses. Caleb might have returned, but her plan is to keep him at arm's length-only she can't. Her son deserves a chance to get to know his father, but that doesn't mean that Renny is letting Caleb back into her heart. Now if only her heart would cooperate. Things get dangerous when a mysterious being starts stalking the residents of Bitten Point. When the monster threatens his son, Caleb knows that it's time to unleash his dark inner beast so he can snap at danger and take a bite out of life.Contains mature themes.

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Croc’s Return hit the right spot – hot, fast, mysterious and funny – all in one neat little package that was well narrated.

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If you enjoy shifters, you’ve got to love a croc, right? Croc’s Return is well done, especially because the croc himself isn’t all that sure about what went down before he left Bitten Point a few years ago. All Caleb knows is that he wants to come back home, and if he’ll see Renny, that might just make things better. That is until he learns that Renny has a child. And that she works in a strip-club to make ends meet because her son’s father didn’t step up. Caleb swears he’ll find that man and show him his crocs for not being good to Renny and leaving a child without a dad…

There are some great interactions between Caleb and his brother Constantine, and between Caleb and his best friend Darryl. The best interactions are between Caleb and Renny, though, because they’re both a little defensive, afraid of getting hurt by the love they shared before Caleb left everything and everyone behind. Croc’s Return is about redemption and love, and I really enjoyed getting to know the characters that inhabit Bitten Point. There is a nice mystery going on as well, with Luke and some of the other children stating there’s a dinosaur on the loose. And when Caleb gets recruited as a security guard, he also gets the inside scoop on a weird hybrid that seems to be the same as the thing trying to snatch his son!

I already know I want to continue to listen to the Bitten Point series, because Chandra Skyve narrated it very well. The storyline and the plot really worked for me, and there was enough character development to make the plot and the storyline move forward very nicely!

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“You know you’re a dickhead, right?”
“Biggest dick around…”
“Not according to the ladies…” and that was that.


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14 responses to “Audioreview: Croc’s Return – Eve Langlais

  1. This author seems to have some original shifters, I really want to give one of her books a try. I heard some good things about her books. Glad to hear you enjoyed this one! I like the idea of a crocodile shifter and the mystery sounds like a nice touch.

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