#ARC #Review: Anarchy Chained – J.A. Huss

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Warning: This book includes mature content such as: sexual content, and/or drug and/or alcohol use, and/or violence.
#ARC #Review: Anarchy Chained – J.A. HussAnarchy Chained 5 Stars

Everyone wants revenge.
That’s what I tell my new would-be partner in crime, Sadie Scott.
“You’re crazy,” she says. “Certifiably insane.”
Just a little. But isn’t everyone a little crazy?
“And I’m gonna get the hell away from you as fast as I can.”
She’s so cute when she’s defiant.
“As soon as I get my memory back and figure out who I am.”
Yeah. That little problem is definitely working in my favor.
“So stay away from me, Thomas Brooks. Or I will…”
She’ll what? We’re perfect for each other and she knows it. But if she needs a little more convincing… Well, there’s a friend of mine she needs to meet.
He’s very convincing.
Yes, Sadie Scott, you’re mine now. We were made to be together.
Body, mind, and soul.
We were made to be together.
Just the three of us.
Together. Forever.

Anarchy Chained is quite the finale to the SuperAlpha series! So much was going on, and the wicked twists and turns were out of this world – literally!
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Anarchy Chained was such a wicked trip! I am still trying to catch my breath, get my wits about me and make my heartbeat slow back down! Huss is a master at mind-fucks! She really, really is. And with this story, she took it even further than usual in my opinion. At the beginning, I was a bit lost, and I continued to feel like the story was a couple of paces ahead of me for most of the time, and it was truly thrilling to never guess a single thing that was going on.

Thomas was the SuperAlpha I was so curious about, he always seemed so removed and cold, but in Anarchy Chained, he showed new sides of himself, and it was tantalising to get to know him better. Sadie, the female protagonist, was such a mystery, too. And usually, I don’t enjoy stories where amnesia is a part of the plot, however, here, it just worked so well and I absolutely loved that Sadie didn’t remember things, it made both the plot and the story thicken.

The alpha’s big plan was supposed to come to fruition in Anarchy Chained, and my goodness, there were so many roadblocks it was like a hurdles championship. Every time I thought one thing would happen, something totally unexpected happened instead. And the fast pace, the action, the characters, it all moved the story forward in such a way that my mind was totally blown. Which I guess it was probably supposed to be.

Written in dual points of views, from Thomas and Sadie’s perspectives, in present tense and with dialogues that made me feel like I was watching Orphan Black on speed. If you enjoy stories that are completely different, difficult to put in a genre box, but where there is still some romance, the whole SuperAlpha series should make it to your shelves!

Fave Quotes - (un)Conventional Bookviews

Someone died early this morning. I know this because I have his memories, and let me tell you, there are some fucked-up people in this world – people you should never know anything about – and he was one of them.

We will put an end to this Cathedral City bullshit once and for all as soon as I get Sadie on my side. Hashtag, done deal.

I glance over at my new sidekick and smile. And if I were to see this smile in a mirror, I’d see what everyone sees. Evil.

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7 responses to “#ARC #Review: Anarchy Chained – J.A. Huss

  1. I plan to read this while I’m traveling, Lex, (Jun 23-Jul 2) because I have paperbacks I’m trying to get through since I don’t want to travel with those. Ha! I have to admit to being a little bit nervous about Anarchy Chained so I was happy to see that it was a winner in your book. I also admit to being a little sad that this is it for the series. I think I’d have liked more but since you say this is a great ending, I’ll trust that. 🙂
    Hope you’ve had a wonderful week, darling. I know you’ve probably been walking on air having your thesis off your shoulders. 🙂 I miss you and I love you dearly!! Happy Friday! **BIG HUGS**

    • I think you’ll be quite satisfied with Anarchy Chained, Brandee! It was very well done, and Julie has said that there may very well be more books in this universe later on 😉
      My week has been really good, and Mr. Lex and I are now in Berlin. We’ve been to Checkpoint Charlie, Brandenburg Tor, the Parliament and other places just today 🙂 Tomorrow, I’ll do RARE, and he will continue visiting.
      I miss you so much! I wish it was possible to just pop by for a cup of coffee and some real life conversations! *BIG HUGS*

  2. I know I’ve been saying that I’m going to try this author and I haven’t done it yet. I just looked on Audible and Taking Turns is up for pre-order. That is a book that really caught my eye, so I’m going to grab it as soon as it is available. 🙂

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