Amazing Grace – Eve Gaddy

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Amazing Grace – Eve GaddyAmazing Grace by Eve Gaddy
Published by Bell Bridge Books on 18 May 2012
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance
Pages: 158
Source: Netgalley
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4 Stars

Gracie is the small town Sherriff in Hell, and her first meeting with Max is quite different from other meetings because she has to arrest him for disorderly conduct. What she doesn’t know is that he’s a ranger, because he is undercover and pretends to be working for the ETA. Gracie is among his main suspects, but at the same time he is instantly attracted to her.

*I received a free ARC of Amazing Grace from Netgalley*

Amazing Grace is a sweet contemporary romance, which takes place in Hell, Texas. Max decides early on that Gracie is not a part of a human trafficking ring, but he still can’t tell her what his real job is. Something is not right at the Sherriff’s office, and he has to find out what it is. Max and Gracie play a little game of seduction, and although Gracie is very inexperienced and Max is a bit of a player, Gracie manages to catch him completely off guard.

Some very hot moments ensue, I had to stop reading for a while when I was in public because I got a little hot and bothered myself! As the story moves forward, the readers learn about both Max and Gracie’s past, and Max has some demons to fight before he can commit to anyone. Gracie is a very loving woman; she takes care of stray cats and dogs, and also looks out for her best friend Connie, even when Connie makes bad decisions.

There are some nicely done humorous scenes as well, for example ‘Forget about sex, he ordered himself. Forget about Gracie. Concentrate on the food or the case. Anything but his own aching body parts.’ Or ‘As hot as Hell was, the nights were desert cool.’ As well as when they are talking about some dogs that attacked Max, and he was a little distracted by her short denim skirt ‘”What kind were they?” she asked. Long and tempting, he thought, before he realized she was talking about dogs.’

An enjoyable light read, with well written romance that took its’ time to build up so that nothing felt rushed. The one thing I take issue with is that Gracie was a virgin until she fell for Max. And she had been in relationships before, and she was 31 years old! This is the one romance cliché I wish would no longer be ‘necessary’ in my romance novels. I recommend this to my fellow romance readers as a quick summer read if they are ready to stand the heat!

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